Billionaire Mark Cuban Suffers A Gmail Hack After Hoax Call
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Billionaire Mark Cuban Suffers A Gmail Hack After Hoax Call

  • Billionaire Mark Cuban recently claimed his Gmail account was hacked after receiving a hoax call.
  • Twitter users speculated that the hackers may have used spoofed sim cards, masking their identity.
  • Nine months ago, Cuban also had his Metamask wallet hacked, costing him nearly $1 million in crypto funds.

Billionaire investor and Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban claimed on X that his Gmail account was compromised following a scam call from one of Google’s numbers.

In the now-deleted tweet, he mentioned Google and its CEO, Sundar Pichai, explaining the details of the hack. 

Cuban got a call from someone named ‘Noah’ using Google’s number, “650-203-0000.” He mentioned that the caller claimed someone gained access to his account and spoofed Google recovery methods. 

He also informed his followers that anyone who got emails from 3 PM PST from “” should know they weren’t from him. 

Now that the tweet has been deleted, X users have been left speculating if it was from him or his X account had been hacked. 

Some users, however, left messages trying to explain the supposed incident. Many suggested that the hackers used a spoofed sim card set to the Google number from which he received the call. 

This hack has also provided a source of entertainment for many on social media, with one confessing the post was similar to what their grandmother might post on Facebook. 

In another curious tweet, Kraken’s Chief Security Officer Nick Percoco asked Cuban to screenshot his unread emails after recovering his account.

Attackers Hack Cuban’s Metamask Wallet

In September last year, Mark Cuban suffered another hacking incident on his Metamask wallet, losing approximately $870,000. 

Crypto analyst WazzCrypto was the first to report the hack after noticing some irregularities in the wallet’s transactions. 

He also suggested that the hackers targeted his account after it had been dormant for several months.

Cuban later confirmed the incident and revealed that he had downloaded a corrupt version of the Metamask wallet. The crypto community still doubted Cuban’s crypto wallet security measures. Public figures like Binance’s CZ encouraged customers to enhance the security of their crypto assets.

Mark Cuban Campaigns For CFTC As Crypto’s Regulatory Body

Being a prominent figure in the crypto space, Mark Cuban has been vocal about crypto regulation. In May this year, Cuban encouraged the CFTC to handle all crypto regulation in the U.S. instead of the U.S. SEC ahead of the 2024 elections. 

He explained that Gary Gensler, SEC’s chair, has not done anything to protect crypto investors and services despite crypto being a ‘mainstay among younger and independent voters.’ 

The U.S. SEC has sued companies like Metamask, Binance, Tether, Coinbase, Kraken, Uniswap, and more for their crypto services in the U.S. 

The U.S. SEC’s continued crackdown on crypto and crypto companies has raised questions among  American voters. 

According to a recent survey, many voters considered crypto suitable. The survey showed that participants further accepted crypto as more equitable than traditional financial systems. 

Mark Cuban mentioned these points and expressed the need for more favorable crypto regulations. 

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson also shared these views, pointing out that the U.S. SEC is snuffing out the flames of the U.S. crypto industry.

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