Eight Financial Firms File For Spot Ethereum ETFs
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Eight Financial Firms File For Spot Ethereum ETFs

  • Eight prominent financial firms, including BlackRock and Fidelity, have filed S-1 amendments with the SEC for Spot Ethereum ETFs.
  • Franklin Templeton and VanEck have revealed low ETF fees of 0.19% and 0.20%, respectively, creating a competitive pricing landscape.

Eight Financial Firms Push For Ethereum ETF Awaiting SEC’s Green Light

Eight major financial institutions, including BlackRock and Fidelity, have taken significant steps toward launching Spot Ethereum ETFs by filing S-1 amendments with the SEC. 

These filings detail the proposed fees and seed investments, setting the stage for possible SEC approval by July 2. 

This development follows the SEC’s approval of 19b-4 forms last month, a crucial step toward bringing these ETFs to market.

The latest amendments to the S-1 filings from eight issuers—BlackRock, Fidelity, 21Shares, Grayscale, Franklin Templeton, VanEck, iShares, and Invesco—are a critical move in the race to launch Spot Ethereum ETFs. 

Notably, Franklin Templeton and VanEck have disclosed their ETF fees, which are 0.19% and 0.20%, respectively. 

This competitive pricing puts pressure on other players, especially BlackRock, to offer similarly attractive fee structures, likely below 30 basis points.

In addition to fee disclosures, several firms have revealed their seed investments, showcasing their commitment to these ETFs. 

BlackRock leads with a substantial $10 million seed investment, while 21Shares has invested $340,739 through the acquisition of 20,000 shares. 

Franklin Templeton and Invesco have each contributed $100,000 as the initial funding for these projects. 

These early investments are essential as they provide the liquidity needed for the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to begin trading.

An analyst specializing in ETFs emphasized the importance of VanEck’s affordable pricing, suggesting it might encourage BlackRock to keep their costs below 0.30%. 

This competitive landscape is advantageous for investors, as it could result in more affordable options available in the market.

The excitement for the SEC’s green light is evident, with the expected start date for these ETFs being July 2. The SEC’s rigorous approval process ensures that all necessary regulations and disclosures are satisfied before the ETFs can start trading. 

The successful launch of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, with fees ranging from 0.21% to 0.39%, has set the stage for Ethereum ETFs, indicating a rising acceptance and demand for cryptocurrency investment products. 


The recent submissions by leading financial institutions signify a crucial step forward in the effort to introduce Spot Ethereum ETFs. 

With competitive pricing and significant initial investments, these developments highlight the dedication and preparedness of these companies to bring these offerings to the market. 

As the SEC’s verdict approaches, investors are on the edge waiting for the potential green light which could come as early as July 2. 

This progress not only demonstrates the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the mainstream but also reflects the worldwide interest in Ethereum as a solid investment option.

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