Mech Shooter 'MetalCore' Launching MCG Token On Ethereum Alongside Latest Beta
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Mech Shooter ‘MetalCore’ Launching MCG Token On Ethereum Alongside Latest Beta

  • MetalCore’s MCG token will debut on Ethereum and Immutable zkEVM this week following the debut of its Closed Beta 3.

Studio369, the developer behind the sci-fi mech shooter MetalCore, announced that it will launch its Ethereum token, MCG, this week alongside the third phase of its closed beta, introducing new gameplay modes and economic features to the blockchain-based game.

Set to begin on June 27, MetalCore’s Closed Beta 3 (CB3) will feature session-based PvP esports competitions, including Domination, Capture the Flag, and High-Value Target modes. 

The update also introduces faction-based social hubs and the ability to purchase in-game digital collectibles using fiat currency.

And then on June 28, Studio369 will conduct the token generation event for the MCG token across Ethereum’s mainnet and Immutable zkEVM, the layer-2 scaling network that MetalCore is being built on.

“We are excited to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming with these new features in MetalCore,” said Studio369 CEO Matt Candler, in a release. “Our goal is to create a compelling and fun gameplay experience that is improved upon with a robust in-game economy.”

The previous beta phase attracted 124,000 waitlisted gamers and 50,000 active users, who averaged 10 hours of playtime each. 

Players can gain access to CB3 through an Epic Games Store key for returning players, or by purchasing one of five levels of Founders Packs.

These packs include various in-game assets such as infantry, mechs, weapons, and shards. According to a MetalCore representative, the in-game items will be NFTs, while the Epic Games Store access key will not be tokenized.

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