OKX To Launch ONE Subscriptions On On-chain Earn Platform
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OKX To Launch ONE Subscriptions On On-chain Earn Platform

OKX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of ONE subscriptions on its On-chain Earn platform. According to OKX, the new feature will be available starting from 1:00 pm UTC on June 13, 2024.

On-chain Earn Highlights

On-chain Earn allows users to stake their digital assets and earn rewards directly on the blockchain. This initiative aims to simplify the process of earning on-chain rewards for users. OKX has provided a straightforward guide to stake ONE on the On-chain Earn platform:

How to Stake ONE

On Browser: Navigate to the Grow section, then to Earn, and select On-chain Earn. Search for ONE and select subscribe.

On the OKX App: Navigate through Grow, then to Earn, and select On-chain Earn. Search for ONE and select subscribe.

Important Considerations

OKX has highlighted several key points for users to consider before subscribing to On-chain Earn products:

Each Proof of Stake project may have different rules. Users should carefully read and understand these rules, which include details on the minimum redemption amount, interest accrual start time, reward distribution time, principal redemption period, and expected annualized earnings.

OKX will extract a certain percentage of fees from users. Detailed fee information is available on the product introduction page.

OKX assumes no responsibility for disputes over any agreement, hacking incidents, project fraud, or other risks that may result in asset loss for subscribers.

OKX expressed gratitude for user support and mentioned that more On-chain Earn products would be launched in the coming weeks.

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