‘PixelTap’ Daily Combo Guide: How to Earn Millions of Free Coins in the Pixelverse Telegram Game
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‘PixelTap’ Daily Combo Guide: How to Earn Millions of Free Coins in the Pixelverse Telegram Game

  • Telegram game PixelTap lets you battle robots to earn coins ahead of a token airdrop—and you can earn way more with this easy bonus.

Telegram games that let you earn a share of an upcoming token airdrop are super hot right now, and one of the rising games in the wake of Notcoin and Hamster Kombat is PixelTap, a robot combat game from Pixelverse.

From a mini app within the Telegram messaging platform, players can accumulate in-game coins and then take their robot pets into combat. 

Billed as a “tap-to-earn” game, PixelTap is gaining steam ahead of the project’s PIXFI token launch, which is expected to be airdropped to players much like NOT was to Notcoin users.

It pays to play regularly, and you can also get a huge daily boost of in-game coins thanks to the daily combo feature. Here’s an overview of how it works and how you can earn potentially millions of free coins by inputting it each day.

What Is The PixelTap Daily Combo?

Every 24 hours, the PixelTap mini app on Telegram offers the opportunity to enter a combination of robot character images, and doing so correctly will earn you a bounty of free in-game coins.

It’s a simple system: You’ll drag characters from the game and drop them into the four slots on the screen. 

An example of the daily combo in PixelTap


Doing so in the correct order will earn you the full amount of free coins, though even getting it partially correct will still net you a smaller amount of coins, as shown above.

 For example, if you have the correct bots but they’re in the wrong spot, then you’ll still earn a lesser amount of coins.

How much can you earn? As with your daily coin earnings, that depends on how many bots you’ve unlocked and how much you’ve spent to upgrade them. It’s not like in Hamster Kombat where its daily combo reward is a firm 5 million in-game coins.

At first, the daily combo reward could be worth hundreds of thousands of free coins—but after you’ve played for a bit, it can potentially be millions. Keep playing and your winnings should grow over time.

How do I find the daily combo?

Pixelverse won’t tell you what the daily combo is, so you’ve got a couple of options. 

We can help you out with today’s combo, as of the U.S. afternoon on Tuesday, June 18—it’s the combination shown below:

PixelTap’s daily combo as of June 18, 2024.


The daily combo changes at 8pm ET, according to the mini app, and you have a couple of options for finding future combos. 

You could just take a wild guess at which bots should be in the combo, and as mentioned, you’ll still get some coins for getting it partially correct—and that’s better than nothing.

But as with Hamster Kombat, it’s usually easier to just search on Twitter (aka X) or other social media platforms to find the current combo. 

There are loads of dedicated social accounts along with influencers sharing the current combo, and even an account we’ve been following for the daily Hamster Kombat combo has been getting in on the PixelTap fun too.

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