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Poloniex Boosts DeFi Token Decentralized

Poloniex is a platform where traders can buy sell or trade Bitcoins, Ethereum, TRON, Tether and the best altcoins. But the platform is looking to develop itself substantially.

In a recent move, the platform now boosts of DeFi Token Decentralized, which is an immutable platform that collects and secures user data, allows people to monetize their internet activity.

Meanwhile, the DEC is used to buy or sell data. According to a statement from Poloneix, it helps “to determine the value of users’ data.”

It will be beneficial for users as it can help them earn or lose personal data value, or PDV. It is strategically based on the positive or negative interactions within the Decentr platform.

Poloniex also recently announced it is adding U.S. elections-based trades months ahead of the November 2020 polls. It added TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE to its innovation zone. The assets allow people to bet on the results of the elections.

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