Tether Discontinues EOS, Algorand Support For USDT
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Tether Discontinues EOS, Algorand Support For USDT

  • Tether halts USD₮ minting on EOS, Algorand, shifting focus to community-driven blockchains.
  • Tether will redeem USD₮ on EOS and Algorand for 12 months post-minting cessation.
  • This strategic pivot ensures resources enhance security, efficiency, and innovation.

Tether Ends USDT Support for EOS and Algorand in Strategic Shift

Tether, a leading name in the blockchain ecosystem, has announced a significant shift in its strategy, placing a stronger emphasis on community-driven blockchain support. 

This move aligns with Tether’s ongoing commitment to fostering a robust and innovative environment for its widely-used USD₮ token and other issued tokens. 

The decision underscores the company’s continuous effort to evaluate and balance the maintainability, usage, and community interest of various blockchain transport layers.

Community Interest as a Driving Force

A key factor in Tether’s decision-making process is the level of community interest in different blockchains. 

The company meticulously assesses each network’s security architecture to ensure it meets high standards of safety, usability, and sustainability. 

This careful evaluation process is designed to ensure that resources are allocated to where they can most effectively enhance security and efficiency, while also supporting ongoing innovation across the crypto landscape.

Discontinuation of EOS and Algorand Support

After thorough consideration, Tether has decided to discontinue support for USD₮ on the EOS and Algorand blockchains. This decision marks a strategic shift as the company redirects its focus towards the protocols and chains that are most favored by the community. 

Starting from June 24, 2024, Tether will no longer mint USD₮ on the EOS and Algorand networks. However, the company will continue to redeem USD₮ on these blockchains for the next 12 months, ensuring a smooth transition period for all users. 

Tether has pledged to re-evaluate the situation at the end of this period and may announce further changes based on the outcomes of this reassessment.

Ensuring a Seamless Transition

Tether is committed to ensuring that this transition is handled with great care and minimal disruption to users. 

The company’s top priority remains providing a seamless user experience, and it has assured its community that every effort will be made to facilitate a hassle-free transition. 

Tether expresses deep appreciation for the continued support and trust from its users and encourages them to explore and expand the use cases of USD₮ across other protocols.

Towards a Sustainable and Democratized Financial System

This strategic transition is seen as a step towards a more sustainable and democratized financial system. By prioritizing community-driven blockchain networks, Tether aims to support a decentralized and secure environment that benefits the entire blockchain ecosystem. 

The move is expected to stimulate further innovation and usage of USD₮, reinforcing its position as a cornerstone in the world of digital finance.

Strategic Pivot to Align with Community Interests

In summary, Tether’s decision to discontinue support for EOS and Algorand reflects its commitment to aligning with community interests and optimizing resource allocation. 

This strategic pivot is designed to bolster security, efficiency, and innovation, paving the way for a more robust and inclusive financial future.

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