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Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork BCHA Under Attack By Anonymous Miner

The Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork BCHA has come under attack from anonymous miner who is trying his level best to force everything that is left on the chain to non-existence.

The unknown miner is operating under the moniker – – and has changed the usual rule implemented by Coinbase so that all the miners need to send 100% instead of 8 per cent of the block rewards to the IFP address.

According to the rule in ABC 8 per cent should be donated but the notorious has engaged himself in creating trouble for any block by miners running pure ABC (not sending 100%). Incidentally, this comes under soft fork and has been considered valid by other miners.

“The amount of value that ABC stole from BCH pales in comparison to our expenditures. We are a group of old-guard miners and whales. We can do this for years. next time you fork: use your own genesis block, your own pow algo, and build your own community. BCH is protected,” tweeted.

However, the development had no effect on the BCHA price on Coinex, which happens to be one of the exchanges that still supports BCHA after the hard fork.

“@coinexcom 1 person is forcing reorgs & orphaning blocks that do not meet their requirements. This poses a huge security risk to you via double spends. Deposits you confirm can disappear. Time to delist BCHA,” a twitter user said about the development.

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