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Blockchain is seen as a significant area of interest by enterprises

Blockchain is seen as a significant area of interest by enterprises

Blockchain and cryptocurrency became the top priorities. This is for all Enterprises planning to pursue deep tech Solutions. Quantum computing firm conducted an industry-wide survey. The survey reveals that 67% of Executive Decision-makers are fearing falling behind competitors when it comes to emerging technologies.

Keeping this in mind, 57% of large Enterprises are developing dep tech Solutions actively. They help solve specific business problems where blockchain stays as the top five among their areas of interest.

Can Deep tech solve problems?

Deep Tech term is an applied technology that aims to solve previously insurmountable problems with the help of new scientific techniques. According to the report, machine learning and artificial intelligence are the main areas of interest to pursue deep Tech Solutions. Moreover, 50% of the respondents are naming it as their number one concern.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Several companies prioritize 3D printing on a large scale, followed by renewable energy solutions and Quantum computing. Moreover, nearly 32% of the respondents highlighted blockchain and cryptocurrency as the central area of their focus.

However, the survey questioned the companies as to why they are pursuing the deep tech implementations. Shockingly, the significant portion of respondents said that they had witnessed the competitors making in-roads in the space. Thus, they are feeling compelled to keep up.

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