Cardano Set To Launch Hard Fork In December

sam | Bitcoin World

IOHK said that it is set to launch Cardano in the month of December. The decision comes as a part of the transition of third development phase of the protocol.

DeFi has grown leaps and bounds in the recent past. It has been on the forefront and one of the most important aspect on demand. It is understood that the use of DeFi is going to continue and grow. As it is the Defi has also registered a special milestone in the process.

DeFI has crosses 1 million users on Friday and it continues to grow stronger. The data analysis was made by Dune Analytics which came forward with the result.

Dune Analytics bought the result to the fore. Furthermore, it is also understood that the one who wins it all will collect the digital currency in form of 100,000 red packets. The lottery, however, is only valid to the residents in Suzhou. Every red packet will come with 200 Yuan or around $30.

The government mentioned that the registration date for the lottery will be between December 5 and 6 with the result set to be announced on 11th of the same month.

There has also been a date allocated for the winner to use the Digital Yuan which will be between December 11 to 27. The winner will not be able to spent the Digital Yuan anytime after that.

The government will also invite the users to test the option for offline payment.



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