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CME’s Micro Bitcoin, Hits Over A Million Contracts In Less Than Two Months

CME’s Micro Bitcoin, Hits Over A Million Contracts In Less Than Two Months

CME Creates A Milestone

Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s, or better known as CME Group, micro bitcoin futures have already surpassed a million contract mark. They have hit big in terms of impacting the crypto market. There was a need for a more granular bitcoin exposure, and now thanks to CME, that void is getting filled.

Micro-Bitcoin Future

This is a huge achievement due to the trading of over a million micro-bitcoin futures, considering this is such a young concept. CME launched its micro-bitcoin back in May. This instrument subsequently allows traders to invest in assets at a lower price point of 0.1 BTC. This opened the regulated crypto derivatives market to micro investors. CME has addressed two major worries for possible crypto investors, high price point entry in addition to regulated instruments, with its release.

Impact In Future

This new pricing point strategy, devised through CME, is extremely competitive. In conclusion, this would push many new customers and potential new investors to enter more regulated platforms. Even though derivates are still more prevalent in unregulated platforms, we might see a wind of change in the future.

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