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Crypto Becomes Second Most Widely-Owned Asset Class for Women: eToro Survey

Despite being named the worst-performing asset class in the last year, worldwide investors owning crypto increased from 36% to 39% quarter on quarter.

According to a recent survey, whereas traditional asset classes fail to stimulate broader adoption among women, crypto appears to have found success in bringing women on board.

According to data provided to Cointelegraph by the eToro team, cryptocurrency is currently the second most popular asset class for women, trailing only cash. This is according to the findings of eToro’s most recent Retail Investor Beat, which polled nearly 10,000 global retail investors in 13 countries.

According to the survey results, women are increasingly interested in cryptocurrency. According to data, ownership climbed from 29% in the third quarter of 2022 to 34% in the most recent quarter. According to the eToro team, this indicates that cryptocurrency is “succeeding where traditional financial markets have sometimes failed” by attracting more women.

While female crypto usage took off in the fourth quarter of 2022, male ownership climbed by only 1% during the same time frame.

Meanwhile, despite being the worst-performing asset class last year, the aggregate proportion of global investors owning crypto increased from 36% to 39% quarter on quarter.

Apart from women entering the market, the data was also influenced by older investors purchasing the dip. Retail investors aged 35-44 and 45-54 who hold crypto increased by 5% apiece, indicating that older investors are also accumulating crypto.

In terms of the reasons why more investors are entering into crypto, 37% of poll participants stated they are taking advantage of the possibility to earn high returns, while 34% believe in the power of blockchain and believe crypto is a transformational asset class.

Businesses, in addition to retail investors, are beginning to express their conviction in blockchain technology by investing. CasperLabs discovered on January 12 that 90% of the 603 organisations who participated in a survey have already adopted blockchain in some manner.


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