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Crypto Bull Run 2024: BTC’s Fate, ETH’s Climb, and BDAG Coin’s Feat

2024 Crypto Bull Run: BlockDAG Coin Presale Reaches $1M Amidst Bitcoin’s Dive and Ethereum’s Climb


We see people wondering about Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) whenever we cruise through the cryptocurrency world. Will Bitcoin’s price decrease, can Ethereum go above $2,700? And as always, there is always room for new projects, BlockDAG (BDAG). Let’s bring the future onto the table and check what’s happening in the top crypto bull run.


Bitcoin: A Bumpy Ride

The big boss of crypto has had some rough times lately. After a price jump, many people sold Bitcoin when it hit $43,800. What happened then? The price dropped under $43,000. Some signs show that the market is led by people who think the price will decrease. But there’s also a chance the price might go way up soon. It’s BTC, never forget that.

Even though things look a bit down, Bitcoin is still holding up. The current indicators show that the situation might get better than it seems. People are waiting to see what happens next in the big Bitcoin adventure.

Ethereum: Trying to Go Up Again

The second-biggest crypto, in turn, has been going through a tricky time. It slipped below $2,600, an important price level. And to make things worse, this line on the chart shows Ethereum is having difficulty getting past $2,510. Currently, Ethereum is trading below $2,550, the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average suggests that prices might go down slightly.


Investors who watch Ethereum still hope it can go past $2,700. If that happens, the price might increase to $2,800 or $3,100. Ethereum has some support around $2,250, but it could go even lower if it drops below $2,240.

BlockDAG Coin: Big Movements Ahead

Now, it’s the long-awaited time of BlockDAG. BDAG is still a new player in the crypto game, but it’s doing things a bit differently and simply making it easy for regular folks to get into crypto. The project is live in a successful presale, raising $1 million in its first 24 hours. This huge success leaves no doubt about which crypto to buy to secure profit.


BlockDAG has introduced cutting-edge mining rigs for mining BDAG. They’ve got the BLOCKDAG X10, X30, and X100, in addition to BLOCKDAG X1, the crypto mining app. These mining machines make crypto mining easier and more efficient. That pushes BlockDAG steadily to achieve its 2024 aim and raise $600 million.

Sail Into the Crypto Future

Situations are uncertain for Bitcoin and Ethereum as we sail through 2024. However, BlockDAG is making big changes with its new ideas and successful presale. Take the mining industry, for instance, and let’s repeat the old question: How much do crypto miners make? You’ll immediately realise that the numbers are completely different before and after BlockDAG. That’s how the newcomer changes things up in the industry.

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