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Delphi InfinNFT launch

Delphi InfinNFT launch

Delphi Digital is a multi-service cryptocurrency investment, consulting, and research firm. The firm announced the launch of Delphi InfinNFT on Friday. Moreover, Delphi InfinNFT is a new investment wing focused on non-fungible tokens and the NFT ecosystem.


The firm will interest upward of $5 million into NFT marketplaces, social tokens, fractionalization, NFT infrastructure, DAOs. In addition, it upwards the interest in any other new development that may arise during the syndicate’s investment cycle.

The Team

Noted NFT collector Gmoney will bolster the team. Moreover, NFT focused fund might not be a surprise given how the use case has been a banner carrier. In addition, it helps in bringing blockchain into public consciousness.

Prices Volatile

But the NFT prices can be notoriously volatile and also uncorrelated to the broader Crypto markets. Yan Liberman, the Delphi co-founder, told Cointelegraph that the Company is prepared to weather any downturns, however.

Long-term Focus

He also added that their fund has a very long-term focus, so the volatility is less concerned. Instead, they take it as an opportunity in that for favorable price entries. In addition, the Company’s investment process need not change to accommodate the focus on a new asset class.

He also said that their investment process is very similar to the one they employ at Delphi Ventures.

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