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Domino’s workers would have the choice of being paid in Bitcoin.

Domino's workers would have the choice of being paid in Bitcoin.

Domino’s Pizza franchises of Netherlands will offer workers Bitcoin salary. Furthermore, any employee who is earning more than the minimum wage will be given the option for the excess salary to be paid in Crypto.

Domino’s franchise of many locations in the Netherlands announced that its workers would have a choice to get paid in Bitcoin. BTC Direct is a Netherlands-based Crypto firm with Fiat to Crypto on-ramp. It will handle all the payments for any other company’s more than 1000 employees who choose to participate.

Jonathan Firebox

Jonathan Firebox is the co-owner of Immensus. He said that they are a modern company and have many young employees. He further added that they hear them talking about Bitcoin, and they wanted to offer the opportunity to own cryptocurrency.

According to Dutch law, the company has to pay its employees minimum wage in Euros. However, the minimum monthly salary in the country depends on age and hours worked. But generally, workers of age 15 to 18 could expect to earn more working at the pizza chain than required by the local law.

Bitcoin Pizza Day

This means that they could potentially pocket a little Bitcoin monthly. In addition, this offering coincides with the 11th anniversary of the first successfully documented commercial transaction of cryptocurrency for an event known as Bitcoin Pizza Day.

However, this event comes in the same week when the price of Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies experienced double-digit percentage drops. Jeremie Marcus BTC Direct said that a monthly Bitcoin salary could be compared to dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin.

In addition, he said that this benefits the employee as they can save value automatically in an ever-increasing asset.

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