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Filebase Intends to Assimilate Filecoin

Filebase Intends to Assimilate Filecoin

Filebase is a blockchain-based object storage company. Filebase is built on the top of the Sia network. They have revealed that the business has closed the initial seed round after gathering $2 million from some investors. There is a growing interest in decentralized storage networks in recent months, and Filebase expects the growth of global data to surpass 175 zettabytes by 2025.

Filebase plans to assimilate Filecoin.

The seed round announcement states that the team plans to use the funding to accelerate consumer onboarding and hire more staff. Firebase’s blog post also cites a study that shows that in 5 years, data storage will exceed 175 Zettabytes. Additionally, the team says that Filebase has plans to assimilate with two popular decentralized storage projects in 2021.

File base further said that they intentionally decided to build a platform in a modular fashion so that it allows them to add more networks as time goes on. By the end of this year, the expansion will tether Filebase to the new networks Filecoin along with Arweave.

Introducing Filebase

Filebase is a multi-tenant compatible API service. It is built with the Sia network. Filebase is one of the most affordable and straightforward ways to store your data. It offers a low-cost price structure with centralized cloud storage providers. You can store 1 TB of files here, which costs only $5 per month.

They do not charge you any additional fees, Unlike the cloud guys. Though Amazon offers a low-cost cloud storage Filebase elevates it to a whole new paradigm. This project is already working with three distributed storage projects. It is also planning to expand to Arweave and Filecoin by 2021 end.

There are no monitoring thresholds and charts monthly. Scene Filebase offers unlimited bandwidth for any subscription plan. You can use their S3 API to migrate or interact with your data according to your terms. They are going to launch a mobile app very soon.

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