Foundry Unveils New Hardware Suite Targeting Institutional Bitcoin Mining
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Foundry Unveils New Hardware Suite Targeting Institutional Bitcoin Mining

Foundry Digital LLC has launched a new suite of hardware aimed at enhancing institutional bitcoin mining operations. 

Dubbed Foundry Hardware, this initiative introduces specialized equipment designed to improve mining system efficiencies and reliability.

Foundry’s New Suite Aims to Optimize Institutional Cryptocurrency Mining

Foundry Hardware‘s offerings include power supply units, immersion optimization kits, and control boards tailored to support various mining machine models. 

According to MK Sathya, Senior Vice President of Mining Services at Foundry, these products are engineered to streamline maintenance and adapt to diverse operational demands, ensuring miners can optimize their setups without extensive modification costs.

“Our decision to enter the hardware market was driven by our desire to provide innovative products aimed at making miners’ lives easier through simpler maintenance while continuing to focus on improving mining efficiency and uptime reliability,” the Foundry vice president said. 

“Furthermore, we intend to provide miners with inventory flexibility by building hardware usable on multiple models of mining machines.”

The company remarked on Friday that the introduction of Foundry Hardware reflects a strategic move by Foundry to address the needs of the crypto mining industry for durable and flexible hardware solutions. 

With the global cryptocurrency market evolving, Foundry said it aims to position itself as a key player in infrastructure support by delivering products that promise enhanced uptime and operational efficiency.

Foundry USA currently leads as the largest bitcoin mining pool, controlling 27.19% of the global hashrate, which totals 595.74 exahash per second (EH/s), amounting to 161.96 EH/s. 

Historical data ranks Foundry sixth in terms of the number of blocks discovered annually. 

The most recent developments in Foundry Hardware will be featured at the forthcoming Mining Disrupt conference in Miami.

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