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Kommunitas – Supernova IKO Sold Out

Play-To-Earn with no initial investment required, Sounds amazing right, here comes #Supernova by Sunday Games

What is Supernova Coin ($LFC)?

Supernova is a multi-platform (browser, mobile, PC) science-fiction open world MMORPG with a Play-To-Earn feature, cryptocurrency, and NFT implementation. It is developed by the Sunday Games team in 2020. Supernova is going to be accessible by players with any amount of experience both in blockchain and gaming.

Supernova will be a Free-To-Play game with open economics, with no initial investment required. Players will be able to earn $LFC cryptocurrency in-game and sell or buy it from other players. $LFC is the only way to buy NFT Blueprints, earn Life Corporation gov tokens via staking, and more.

Supernova Main Features:

🏈Open World: A character can wake up in a space station, equip a spacesuit adventure into space, capture a hostile ship, land on a nearby planet and continue exploring a ground base — all seamlessly and in real-time. Such an approach allows for achieving a unique gaming experience.

🏈Character independence: Character Automated fights, work, starship flying, players give out general orders. This Removes routine from the players and draws attention to more important management elements within the game. This kind of gameplay is more suitable for an adult audience without micromanagement of avatar control.

🏈UGC oriented: The Supernova-verse is open to creators. Players can craft their own unique ship designs, equipment, space and planetary stations, narrative adventures, and other content like importing their NFTs while being rewarded for that. Thanks to this approach, the game world will receive regular and multicultural updates.

🏈Open economy: Players will be able to purchase in-game tokens for fiat currency, but also exchange them back. Trades, collaborations, armed clashes, and other socio-economic relations between players will not only bring immersive gameplay but also an opportunity to earn money.

🏈Blueprint NFTs: ERC-1155, can be licensed to other players, allowing royalties from each copy produced.

Supernova has sold out its IKO on (we’re looking for ideas and talents!)

About #Kommunitas – It’s a decentralized and tier-less Launchpad that provides the solution for Multi Chain oriented projects, #Kommunitas welcomes projects from various blockchains like #Polygon, #BSC, #Ethereum, #Avalanche, #Solana, etc.

Till now #Kommunitas has 

✅Launched 45 Projects 

✅Raised $3.435 Million in Funding for Projects 

✅It has 4,826 All-time Unique Participants

🔍 Let’s take a look at our numbers below to learn more about our IKO with Supernova

🔫 651 participants.

🔫 1103 transactions.

🔫 150,000 USDC raised.

Supernova is already been listed on #PancakeSwap & #Polyx

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