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MetaMask Forced To Update Data Collection Policy After Public Outrage

The crypto community is outraged over a MetaMask update regarding its data collection policies. Developer ConsenSys has now issued an update clarifying the policy changes.

MetaMask, a wallet provider, is facing a public backlash following a recent update to its data retention policies. On December 6, developer ConsenSys responded with a post reassuring MetaMask and Infura users.

Last month, the company’s privacy policy was changed, prompting reports that it would result in the collection of users’ wallets and IP addresses. This quickly sparked a heated response from the crypto community, which has made a name for itself as being extremely privacy-conscious.

ConsenSys provided some clarification on how its data policies are actually implemented. It describes the change as one aimed at increasing transparency. It outlines some key points to consider regarding the policy, which may elicit a reaction.

If MetaMask users only check their balances and, by extension, their IP addresses, no account information is stored. This data collection only applies to write requests or broadcasted transactions.

Most importantly, ConsenSys intends to limit user data retention to seven days before deletion. It also states that it will not sell user information. Users of MetaMask will also be able to change their RPC provider from Infura to another.

The crypto community, predictably, was outraged by the data collection. It took to social media to express its displeasure, and the move was heavily criticized on Reddit. Some users suggested that a much-anticipated governance token would aid in halting such changes.

Even with the transparency update, users are unlikely to be completely satisfied. There is a strong possibility that they will look for MetaMask alternatives that do not collect data. Others advise simply turning off the Infura RPC, which will prevent IP address collection.

MetaMask has recently made headlines for a variety of reasons. Sber Bank of Russia announced plans to integrate its blockchain platform with Ethereum and MetaMask. This will undoubtedly pique the interest of international organizations.

MetaMask has also expressed opposition to the Apple Tax, to the point of leaving the Apple ecosystem. Dan Finlay, co-founder of MetaMask, proposed creating a new prepay transaction relay to assist Apple users in avoiding the 30% cut. Coinbase has also had to discontinue support for NFT transfers due to issues with Apple’s policies.

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