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Recent Funding Rounds for Crypto Projects & Companies on October 23rd, 2023 πŸ“ˆ

1. Port3 Network

  • Financing: Undisclosed
  • Category: Web3
  • Subcategory: Social Network

About Port3 Network: Port3 Network has secured investments and collaboration opportunities from DWF Labs, with significant backing from Jump Crypto and KuCoin Ventures. This funding will bolster BQL’s development and enhance their upcoming social data layer to align with the dynamic needs of Web3.


  • DWF Labs: Lab located in Singapore, established in 2018, holding 33 portfolio companies.
  • Jump Crypto: Fund of undisclosed location, with a portfolio of 76 companies.
  • KuCoin Ventures: Based in Seychelles, founded in 2017 with 31 portfolio companies.

Founders & Team:

  • Max Du
  • Anthony Deng

Company Profile: Port3 Network has developed SoQuest, a platform that aggregates and standardizes both off-chain and on-chain data, creating a potent Social Data Layer for Web3 applications.

2. PADS Financial

  • Financing: Pre-Seed, $2.2M
  • Category: Others
  • Subcategory: Lending/Borrowing

About PADS Financial: PADS Financial, based in MontrΓ©al, has secured its funding primarily from angel investors prominent in QuΓ©bec’s real estate scene.

Founders & Team:

  • Stephane Perez

Company Profile: PADS offers an advanced lending platform that significantly improves transparency, efficiency, and security in the private lending industry.

3. Crusoe Energy

  • Financing: Debt Financing, $200M
  • Category: Infrastructure
  • Subcategory: Bitcoin Mining

About Crusoe Energy: Crusoe Energy is set for major expansion, thanks to the $200M financing primarily from investment firm Upper90.


  • Upper90: A fund based in the USA, established in 2018 with a portfolio of one company.

Founders & Team:

  • Chase Lochmiller
  • Cully Cavness

Company Profile: Crusoe Energy is pioneering in the alignment of computing with climate sustainability. They develop eco-friendly, cost-effective computing infrastructures.

4. BRLA Digital

  • Financing: Pre-Seed, $0.6M
  • Category: Infrastructure
  • Subcategory: Payment

About BRLA Digital: BRLA Digital successfully raised its funding, with significant contributors being Coins, led by Wei Zhou, and Rodrigo Benez.


  • A corporate entity from the Philippines with 2 portfolio companies.
  • Rodrigo Benez: An angel investor from Brazil with 1 portfolio company.

Founders & Team:

  • Matheus Moura

Company Profile: BRLA Digital is a fintech firm that specializes in cross-border payments and cryptocurrency infrastructures.

5. Blockaid

  • Financing: Series A, $27M
  • Category: Web3
  • Subcategory: Security

About Blockaid: Blockaid’s Series A funding saw contributions from giants like Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, Cyberstarts, Ribbit Capital, and Variant.


  • Sequoia Capital: Established in 1972 in the USA, with 66 portfolio companies.
  • Greylock Partners: Based in the USA, founded in 1965 with 14 portfolio companies.
  • Cyberstarts Ventures: An Israel-based fund from 2018 with 2 portfolio companies.
  • Ribbit Capital: Located in the USA, established in 2012 with 28 portfolio companies.
  • Variant: A USA-based fund established in 2020 with 41 portfolio companies.

Company Profile: Blockaid offers Web3 security tools that proactively halt malicious transactions, safeguarding users from potential cyber threats.

6. Ctrl Alt

  • Financing: Seed, $2.7M
  • Category: Others

About Ctrl Alt: Ctrl Alt raised $2.7 million, majorly from Forward Partners and Middlegame Ventures.


  • Forward Partners: A fund of undisclosed location with 1 portfolio company.
  • Middlegame Ventures: A Luxembourg-based fund, established in 2018 with 6 portfolio companies.

Founders & Team:

  • Matt Ong

Company Profile: Ctrl Alt offers versatile products catering to fintechs, investment platforms, and asset owners seeking alternative financing solutions.

πŸ” For more detailed information on these companies and their funding rounds, please refer to the respective email addresses provided under each company’s investor section.

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