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Spanish Rehab Center Adds Crypto Trading Addiction to Services List

According to the rehabilitation institution, around 1% of cryptocurrency traders will acquire a “extreme” addiction to crypto trading.

A premium treatment institution in Spain has just launched services to address a relatively new type of addiction: cryptocurrency trading.

The “The Balance” centre is a Switzerland-founded wellness centre with a major facility on the Spanish island of Mallorca and subsidiaries in London and Zurich.

While it has long treated addictions such as alcohol, narcotics, and mental health, the BBC reports that it has lately begun offering therapies to tackle crypto trading addiction.

According to the Feb. 5 report, one of the center’s clients contacted out to “wean off crypto” after apparently putting in $200,000 in transactions per week.

A four-week stay is required for the treatment, which includes counselling, massages, and yoga. The bill may be as high as $75,000.

In another area of the world, Castle Craig Hospital, a Scottish addiction rehabilitation centre that has been treating high-adrenaline crypto traders since 2018, has treated over 100 clients with “hazardous” cryptocurrency issues.

Diamond Rehabilitation, a Thailand-based wellness clinic that has been in operation since 2019, has also included bitcoin addiction rehab and treatment services.

As part of its comprehensive, multi-stage strategy to helping traders overcome their addiction, the group stated it used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Psychodynamic Theory (PT) in rehab.

The exhilarating highs and shattering lows of the fast-paced, 24-hour cryptocurrency trading arena are said to have created a real need for rehabilitation clinics that provide treatments to trading addicts.

Based on gambling disorder data, Family Addiction Specialist thinks that roughly 1% of cryptocurrency traders will acquire a serious pathological addiction, while 10% will face additional issues in addition to financial loss.

According to Family Addiction Specialist, symptoms of this addiction include continuously checking prices online – especially late at night.


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