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TCN Token is Now Available on Coinsbit Exchange for Trading

TCN Token is Now Available on Coinsbit Exchange for Trading
  • The TCN tokens have been listed by the Coinsbit exchange and are ready to trade.
  • TCN token holders can trade with these available pairs- Bitcoin, Tron, and Tether.
  • In the AMA session, experts predict the price of TCN tokens to reach $1 by June 2021.
  • Coinsbit platform announced its trading competition after listing TCN tokens.

The Coinsbit exchange has officially listed the TCN tokens, the native token of the Tech Token Network, on its platform. The Exchange team has announced that TCN tokens are now open for trading on Coinsbit exchange with the 3 basics yet most used trading pairs. The following are the trading pairs available for TCN holders: TCN/USDT, TCN/BTC, and TCN/TRX.

Successful Listing of TCN Tokens on Coinsbit Exchange Platform

Tech token network is continuously exploring blockchain technology for business applications and develop the Defi protocols. Our team has been sorting out the trusted exchange platform to list TCN tokens to expand the business and gain vast momentum. Coinsbit and JustSwap are the exchanges we have finalized to list our native tokens for trading and major investment.

As per the market analysis, Coinsbit is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in eastern Europe. It holds more than 2 million users providing broad services to its users. Our TCN evolution project welcomes all willing traders to delve into the engrossing procedure of application development and evolution.

The merger of Defi and blockchain mechanics turns the process of building private on-chain businesses application into economic activity to benefit the involved clients. For example, we intend to partake in active farming by attracting a chance of earning high yields.

According to the CEO of Tech Token Network, “The market ecosystem is a huge, untapped industry of opportunities that offers traders as well as Defi market participants satisfactory possibilities to enjoy services and in return grab the passive or active source of income.”He continues, “The TCN token is entirely integrated into the Tron blockchain-based Defi sector. Also, the listing on the popular Coinsbit exchange will drive new opportunities for our community and crypto market audience joining our project.”

We chose the Coinsbit platform for the following exceptional aspects that will be a good fit for TCN token to trade on:

Coinsbit exchange occupies its position as a top 30 platform according to Coingecko, holding an estimated daily volume of around $2.5B;

Touting more than 2 million registered users, it interacts with a 200K strong community and around 2 million monthly website visitors;

Coinsbit offers a range of services like P2P lending, OTC platform, spot trading, credit card services for deposits, and staking pools services;

Fiat gateways options include USD and EUR, providing fast and secure deposits by Visa and Mastercard;

It offers high-performance execution with a relatively processing speed of up to 10,000 trades/s and 1,000,000 TCP connections;

Coinsbit provides a maximum-security with cold storage vaults and a new security protocol- Web Application Firewall that detects and blocks attacks;

It also provides an IEO launchpad and additional Coinsbit Store.

The Coinsbit store is a global crypto marketplace where the user can buy products on allrounder e-commerce sites like Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, and eBay can be purchased with USDT, TRX, BTC, PLC Stable coins, and CNB- a native token currency of Coinsbit.

TCN Token Price Prediction

In an AMA session held, the expert’s price prediction of TCN token to take a twist. With the listing of TCN tokens on Coinsbit and JustSwap, the specialist believes in experiencing the price to rise above $1 within a month.

Right from today, after the TCN token starts its trading on Coinsbit, the price will climb by 55 percent and reach $0.1. In the next 6 months, the price of TCN tokens will reach the $0.5 range with more than 75 percent. Looking at this predictive move, the investors are surprisingly looking ahead about what we might offer come next.

TCN token holders can hold their breath as the trading starts today. Generally, the token price forecast is bullish, ranging from $0.1 to $0.5. By the end of 2025, the experts believe the TCN token price hit the $0.7 range. This is probably because the TCN token is built on the Tron ecosystem, which offers high liquidity.

There’s a saying that TCN tokens might cross Tron with respect to its available circulating value and liquidity. So the token price will kick steadily by 2025. Then, when it believes to be worth $0.8, the price will improvise till it reaches the $0.10 range by 2028.

About Coinsbit and Tech Token Network

We aim to build the future with innovative new technology applications working on improvised concepts. The motive of Coinsbit exchange and TCN remains intact. We are looking to develop the latest technology, and every project that appears on the Coinsbit exchange undergoes a thorough review and testing process done by the specialists.

TCN and Coinsbit partnership list TCN tokens on an award-winning cryptocurrency exchange, ensuring the traders invest in the crypto market from anywhere irrespective of the location. Also, the destined platforms offer advanced mobile applications that users can react instantly to market fluctuations.

Coinsbit claims to be one of the largest Eastern European crypto trading platforms. The platform’s outstanding represented technology, reliability, and security service are the main reasons we chose to list TCN tokens on the Coinsbit platform. This is our main achievement!

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