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Turkish authorities are progressing with Thodex Investigation

Turkish authorities are progressing with Thodex Investigation

Six Turkish people got arrested since the Thodex crypto exchange CEO is missing. Moreover, these arrested siblings are reportedly holding crypto worth millions of dollars. Thus, the Turkish authorities started to progress with the investigation. However, the local cryptocurrency exchange Thodex halted trading last week abruptly.

The Turkish court jailed these six suspects whose trial is pending on Thursday. Reuters reported that the suspects include the siblings of the missing CEO and the company’s senior employees.

Thodex CEO

Since Faruk Fatih Ozer, Thodex CEO and Founder, had reportedly flown to Albania, Interpol reportedly issues a red notice as a part of the probe. The missing CEO has run off with crypto worth $2 billion.

Suleyman Soylu

The interior minister Suleyman Soylu spoke regarding the matter. If the CEO gets caught with the red notice, they made an extradition agreement with a massive part of these countries. Hence, he will come back.

However, there are growing concerns that Thodex was a scam since the platform halted all the money withdrawals. Hence, the local authorities detained 83 suspected individuals.

Ozer’s Siblings

According to some suspects, the Ozer’s siblings Guven Ozer and Serap Ozer could have played significant roles in the Thodex’s operations. Anadolu Agency, a local news agency, reported that these siblings did not have substantial crypto holdings.

Given Ozer reportedly holds nearly $2.7 million on two significant local crypto exchanges. Additionally, Guven served as an active executive without having an official role at the company. Finally, Serap Ozer, sister of the missing CEO, holds crypto transactions on her Binance account worth $14.6 million.

Though she claims that the account was not hers, she allegedly oversaw several financial activities at the company. According to the latest reports, interior minister Soylu said that the company’s portfolio totaled $108 million.

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