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$1 Million $BTC Prediction as Regional Banks Face Ongoing Crisis; This Memecoin Just Hit $3.2 Million

New York Community Bancorp’s (NYCB) stocks has dropped more than 61% in 2024, sparking fears of another regional financial catastrophe in the U.S. Because of this potential crisis, predictions of a $1 million price tag for Bitcoin are starting from crypto experts.

As the situation worsens, $BTC is already showing signs of significant bullish activity, rallying past $48k. Meanwhile, after surpassing the $3.2 million mark, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has become one of the best meme coins to buy in 2024. Continue reading to learn more.



Bitcoin ($BTC) Could Surge To $1 Amidst Banking Crisis

Following the release of its 2023 fourth-quarter results, the New York Community Bancorp stocks plunged by more than 25%. The report stated that the bank recorded an unexpected $260 million loss in Q4 2023.

The recent price decline now means the stock of the U.S. bank is down by more than 61% since the beginning of 2024 to trade at its lowest level since June 2021. The plunging stock prices of regional banks have raised concerns of another crisis less than a year after the previous one.

Similar to the 2023 regional financial crisis, $BTC has had a major bull run. On the weekly chart, Bitcoin has risen 10% to $47,000. With the banking crisis intensifying, crypto experts are bullish on Bitcoin in 2024.

In response to the banking crisis, Arthur Hayes, former CEO of BitMEX, has kept the Bitcoin $1 million bet on the table. While the projection of $1 million in bitcoin is extremely optimistic, it is not impossible.

With the Bitcoin halving taking place in less than 70 days, $BTC is undoubtedly one of the best crypto coins to invest in the next few months.



New Meme Coin Raises $3.2 Million, Prepares for 100x Price Surge

Amidst the growing belief in Bitcoin, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has emerged as one of the best altcoins to invest in. In just a few weeks of its unveiling, this new ICO crypto has raised more than $3.2 million for the development of its ecosystem. 

Galaxy Fox has attracted this much support as many investors have backed it to become one of the best meme coins to buy in 2024. As a meme coin, $GFOX differs from the likes of Dogecoin, BONK, and Pepe. While these meme coins are solely fueled by community support and hype, Galaxy Fox has built a blockchain gaming ecosystem to back its meme coin. 

The Galaxy Fox web3 endless runner game has been designed to reward players with GFOX based on their in-game performance. The Galaxy Fox interplanetary leaderboard tracks participants’ performance. The higher a player’s rank, the greater their prizes. 

Furthermore, the game includes some of the coolest NFT collections that can enhance player characters. They can also be used as temporary attribute boosters, which can be purchased in the Galaxy Fox marketplace. Aside from its gaming capabilities, Galaxy Fox has attributes that make it one of the best meme coins to buy. 

Galaxy Fox has also integrated a reward system, known as Stargate, dedicated to reward owners of $GFOX tokens using 2% of all the money it generates from transaction fees. With this method, investors are continuously rewarded and encouraged to maintain their investments for the long run.




In Conclusion

With Galaxy Fox present in two distinct cryptocurrency sectors, analysts have projected a parabolic rise for $GFOX this year. It has been predicted to rise by up to 100x in the bull market. With its current price at $0.00198, $GFOX is currently regarded as the best cheap crypto to buy right now. Once the token hits retail exchanges, its price is likely to explode in a parabolic rally. So don’t hesitate – get involved today! 


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