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2024 Guide for Crypto Investors: Top 6 AI Tokens to Watch

The emergence of applications like ChatGPT has made artificial intelligence (AI) more popular and widely used today. AI has become a fast-growing platform that can improve the educational, health, and business sectors. The mixture of AI’s capabilities and the decentralized power of blockchain has created a robust industry to pay attention to while looking for top crypto to invest in.


AI tokens leverage AI’s brainpower to facilitate unique services and features in the crypto space. InQubeta (QUBE) is a top AI token to invest in as it boosts the growth of AI startups in the crypto space. Other AI tokens like Focus AI (FCS), The Graph (GRT), Cortex (CTXC), PepeAi (PPAI), and KiboShib (KIBSHI) have contributed to the growth of the AI industry. This article discusses the top AI cryptos to buy for massive gains in 2024.


InQubeta (QUBE): An exceptional doorway to AI investment


InQubeta is a platform that promotes the growth of AI projects using blockchain technology. It boosts new AI projects through its crypto crowdfunding platform. With QUBE, investors can easily get involved in the rapidly growing sector.

InQubeta has introduced the use of fractional investment to attract investors who are interested in AI projects. QUBE’s fractional investment allows investors to make their investments based on their budget across multiple AI startups, eliminating the indecisiveness of which one to invest in. This allows investors to diversify their portfolios and have a high return on investment. Following InQubeta’s massive ongoing presale success, it has presented itself as a top crypto to invest in and a top AI token to watch out for.

Focus AI (FCS): Crypto risk analysis made easier


Focus AI intends to use artificial intelligence to curb the high crypto investment risk and data analysis on the blockchain in a world of diverse AI cryptocurrencies. FCS makes use of chatbots to facilitate this goal. The chatbots use crypto algorithms to show the analysis that can help investors on the Focus AI platform decide which crypto to invest in.

The Graph (GRT): Quick access to data across multiple blockchains


The Graph, popularly regarded as the “Google of blockchain,” is a blockchain project that uses AI technology to make data more accessible across various decentralized platforms. The Graph is built on the Ethereum blockchain but can access data across platforms like Avalanche, Polygon, and Arbitrum. It uses GRT as its native currency to foster purchases on its platform. 


PepeAI (PPAI): A better way to increase online relevance


PepeAI is an AI token that tends to draw businesses and projects closer to their target audience. Social media and internet relevance have become the order of the day, so PPAI helps projects create a strong online presence and promote their online engagement. PPAI combines the strength of memecoin and AI to create an ecosystem of meme lovers. It has attracted the attention of various meme coin lovers and is seen as a meme coin with potential


Cortex (CTXC): Deploys more AI models on the crypto platform


Cortex is a crypto platform that seeks to develop more AI models in the crypto ecosystem. It encourages the development of AI models by rewarding developers and researchers on the platform. When these AI models are created, CTXC nurtures and improves them before deploying them in the crypto space. With the Cortex smart contract, a proper agreement is made between AI model developers and users when selling AI services to ensure tranquility.


KiboShib (KIBSHI): The merging of Kabosu and Shiba Inu

KiboShib was initially considered a light joke to determine the outcome of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) when they merged. It is considered the world’s first AI-generated meme coin with potential. It uses its meme coin to reward active participation among its community members. KIBSHI is used to buy and sell within the ecosystem and every holder can participate in the project’s decision-making. KiboShib features various Shiba Inu pets with different faces.




When investors think of the top AI cryptos to buy, these AI projects come to mind because of their unique tokenomics and features. These AI projects have successfully incorporated AI and blockchain to produce a tremendous ecosystem. There are countless AI cryptocurrencies, but InQubeta is among the notable AI tokens to watch in 2024. QUBE has keyed into the ever-growing AI industry to increase the growth of AI startups in the crypto space.


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