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A constructive partership for crypto market insights

Crypto Market Insights are being provided by LCX and LunarCRUSH Partner. According to LCX and LunatCRUSH a data which is being provided to crypto trading is of better quality.

LCX and LunarCRUSH jointly will be working to provide to assure security card for crypto market insights.

Cointelegraph, June 29 press announced for security card. According to it, two firms have involved and the first step is build partnership, which will work for security purpose.

A connectivity between LCX and LunarCRUSH will be constructively growing “to deliver community insights, research, background information, historical and real-time market data to crypto investors and traders”. This partnership will grow better for crypto trading and investment decisions.

According to LCX, they will be providing social media data, volume, engagement and quantitative sentiment analysis. Partnership to grow longer fr maketing insights tools.

LCX, the crypto- friendly Liechtenstein which invited other companies with it’s clear regulation on digital currencies and blockchain technology, which includes crypto exchange Bittrex.

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