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A surprise behind motivational for Presidential Bid reveals by Brock Pierce

Crypto project capitalist Brock Pierce announced his presidential campaign would reach out to newer voters and specialized originators.

Crypto venture capitalist Brock Pierce has revealed his campaign to become the next U.S. president will concentrate on building a country where technological innovation is enabled to thrive.

Pierce talked at a Unitize meeting fireside chat on July 7. He attributed to the fact that while he’s uncertain to achieve, the issue will be a means to bring out the advantages of blockchain.

“The United States historically has been the capital of innovation, on the front lines of technologies like blockchain. I feel that this is not a great environment for innovators to build. I’m watching many of the best innovators in our nation moving to Asia, moving to Europe, moving to other places because they don’t feel safe to innovate and experiment.”

Pierce strives to build a regulatory sandbox for blockchain startups, where they are not inhibited to “extremely expensive licenses” for their first two years of procedures. 

He said a President who is eligible of appreciating the current financial tools usable could have already executed significant changes, such as issuing the Treasury Department’s $1,200 motivation checks quickly. Many Americans lasted weeks or even months for solace funds. 

“We need people that understand what’s actually happening in the world right now. Those of us in this business on the front lines are actually designing the tools, creating the systems that are going to create the future that we’re all going to live in.”

Not riding to earn?

Pierce distinguished himself to former presidential candidate Ron Paul, who moved unsuccessfully for the prime job three times, in the system helping to glow a light on various important financial processes in the United States. 

“This running for President will bring a lot of very important conversations to the forefront.”

Vote 1 snowball

In his day-to-day newsletter, crypto analyst Mati Greenspan approved the former child star had “a snowball’s chance in the Mojave desert” of succeeding. But Greenspan believes the effort will be “good for Bitcoin” and push the topic into the national conversation.

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