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About Censorship and Freedom by Dilemma Encrypted Message

Specialists are on the conclusion that governments need to work in a supportive manner with encryption- centric services that furnish to withstand unfair actions .

Encrypted has always represented their  survival in a proper way and also illustrated difficult challenges for the government. Also they have promoted freedom for speech, but due to unavailability, the bad actors are getting stimulated towards shameful deeds.

July 2, the European law enforcement permission charged over 800 individuals that were allegedly contributing in the dark in order to use an encrypted chat.

The messaging platform has servers founded out of France and contends to furnish addicts with “worry-free secure communications.” According to the BBC, EncroChat has a customer base of more than 60,000 people, more than 10,000 of whom are based in Britain. 

“Authorities likely balanced the future value associated with identifying additional criminals against the already identified criminal activity. In effect, they may have determined that stopping a specific impending crime outweighed any potential returns from keeping EncroChat operational.”

A synonymous opinion is also rationed by Brian Kerr, CEO at Kava, a multi-chain DeFi Lending platform, who announced that the government was right in accessing Encrochat’s servers to lay an end to the criminal activities occurring on the network.

“Encrypted communication is nuanced so platforms must ensure they have effective implementation of SSL with certificates issued from a known root of trust utilizing strong cypher suites. To further improve security, multi-factor authentication should be available for users joining conferences and the system should double-check users on unknown devices.“

Zerah stated “This places a massive responsibility on the companies managing these platforms to protect that data and the servers that store it.”

What about Elimination of encryption based tech ?

Recently, a bill was instructed into the United States Senate that effectively seeks to put an end to utilizing end-to-end encryption in messaging services. 

A similar issue was also put forward in the clerical committee of the nations that make up the “Five Eyes” opinion town including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

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