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After a positive response from Dogecoin’s cofounder, MrBeast Burger may now accept DOGE

MrBeast Burger’s Twitter account has addressed Elon Musk with an offer: if he retweets it, they will start working on taking Dogecoin.

The post appeared to have gone unnoticed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but not by Doge cofounder Billy Markus.

Musk is offered a Doge deal by MrBeast Burger.

Following Elon Musk’s recent tweet about taking Dogecoin, which was directed at McDonald’s, two fast food companies, Burger King and MrBeast Burger, appear to be interested in doing so.

When Musk promised to eat a Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s began to take Doge, the company respectfully declined; but, the Tesla CEO’s post received backing from Burger King’s official Twitter page. The latter responded with a cryptic message that the Doge community mistook for interest in their beloved cryptocurrency.

Billy Markus appeals to the Doge Army to back MrBeast Burger.

Instead of Musk, Billy Markus reposted MrBeast’s remark, stating that he isn’t a major influencer but would still do it.

He also asked the Dogecoin community to demonstrate that the Doge Army is capable of providing all of MrBeast Burger’s involvement even without Elon’s retweet.

Markus went on to say that Doge is wonderful for tipping online, and he tagged sodogetip (a Dogecoin tipping bot) to tip the MrBeast Burger account with 6.9 Dogecoin.

However, one of the Twitter users in the comment thread, @WSBChairman, with 912,000 followers, assumed that the fast food chain account was rug tugging the Doge community with words by saying they “would work on accepting Dogecoin.”

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