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Alex Mashinsky, Celsius CEO Says Bitcoin Not Best As A Payment Option

The CEO of crypto lending platform Celsius, Alex Mashinsky thinks differently as regards Bitcoin not suitable for payments.

Furthermore, during an interview on Coin Stories, Alex Mashinsky paints contrasting thoughts between the qualities of the US dollar and the leading cryptocurrency.

So, Alex Mashinsky explains.
“I’d much rather be in a scenario where the dollar remains as the…”
“reserve currency but Bitcoin continues to do very well…”

“The dollar is a phenomenal form of payment. It’s a horrible store of value and…”
“Bitcoin is a phenomenal store value, but it’s a pretty bad form of payment.”

More so, Alex Mashinsky notes that using Bitcoin for Payment isn’t a good idea at all. Then, stresses that people who are regretting ever using it for transactions in the past.

Additionally, Alex Mashinsky continues.
“If you fell for Elon Musk’s deal where he gave you a Tesla for two or three Bitcoins,..”
“obviously you hate driving that Tesla because you would in a second go back and take those…”
“three Bitcoins and return the Tesla, which lost value during the same period of time.”

Lastly, Alex Mashinsky concludes.
“Anything you bought with Bitcoin in the last 10 years, you rather have the Bitcoin back…”
“and would have paid in US dollars. That’s really the crux of the matter that you…”
“cannot use it as a form of payment or cannot use it in a way…”
“that makes you happy about the transaction.”

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