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Algoz, collaborates with Bitfinex to launch a top notch Crypto investment product – Algoz Quant Pro



Algoz Technologies, an award-winning Quantitative Crypto Trading firm, announced the release of their newest and best product, Algoz Quant Pro.

Using a unique wallet custody solution and working with an off-exchange settlement through Bitfinex, Algoz is now able to offer clients significantly reduced counterparty exposure, no commingling of funds in custodial wallets, and easy access to withdrawals, all combined with total transparency. A better, safer way to trade.

Algoz Quant Pro has been designed to allow Accredited and Professional Investors as well as Family Offices, Asset Allocators, and Wealth Managers to venture into the Crypto marketplace with greater security and safety, whilst still being able to enjoy the positive earning potential available in these nascent markets. Algoz brings its award-winning strategies with its newest trading product.


Global Business Development Director, Stephen Wundke explains that ;

“The development of Algoz Quant Pro was motivated by the need to provide a better, safer way for holders of Cryptocurrency to put their coins to work and a major effort to break down the traditional Hedge fund barriers. We found a custodial solution and then by working with Bitfinex to significantly mitigate exchange and management counterparty risk whilst simultaneously providing trading transparency we solved two of the main crypto issues in 2022. We then created the ability to have your coins returned when you want them and most importantly ensured there would be no commingling of funds within the custody wallet, which addressed some of the major obstacles to investors. The response during our market research has been very rewarding as investors now know the limitations of the exposure and just who is accountable in this investment process. I am excited to be able to offer this to our expanding customer base and proud to represent Algoz across the globe. “


Group CEO, Tal Teperberg commented;

“It’s an important day for Cryptocurrency trading. With the creation of Algoz Quant Pro, it is no longer necessary for coins to be loaned to another company to gain returns. With Quant Pro, crypto investing has now matured in the most necessary ways and we are delighted to unveil this product. I would like to thank Bitfinex for their assistance and forward-thinking, and the Algoz team for their tireless efforts to make things better and safer for our customers. The highest standards of trading and investment have always been at the core of Algoz and we will continue to put our customers at the forefront of our trading and product development.”

“At Bitfinex, our collaboration with Algoz in implementing the Algoz Quant Pro is a meaningful step towards enhancing security and transparency for all our customers on the platform,” said Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex

Algoz believes that the ability for professional and accredited investors, as well as Asset Managers and Family offices, to employ our various strategies whilst limiting exchange or management counterparty risk, with no commingling of funds in custodial wallets, is unique within the current Crypto investment offer. Algoz has created a Software as a Service (SAAS) model for crypto investment, one where Algoz never touches the client asset at any stage in the investment process; a process that allows the highest level management of risk and real-time access for investments. For all of these reasons and more Algoz is convinced that Quant Pro is a better, safer way to hold & trade Crypto.




Algoz Technologies is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Algoz was created in 2018 to trade the nascent Crypto markets, adapting many of their own previous tradfi trading experiences to the crypto markets. Testing with friends’ and families’ monies took place over the years, with traditional Hedge Funds created in 2019, to trade successful strategies.


Algoz were awarded

Hedgeweek US Digital Assets Awards 2023 Best Absolute Performance (Trailing 12 Months): Fund <$25m


Hedgeweek European Digital Assets Awards 2023 Best Absolute 12-Month Performance – New Manager And

Hedgeweek APAC Digital Assets Awards 2023

Best 12-Month Risk-Adjusted Performance – New Fund category.


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