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Amazon Managed Blockchain to Offer New Bitcoin Querying Services

In a significant stride towards embracing Web3, Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) took center stage during the AWS Web3/Blockchain Summit in New York City on July 26. AMB, a pioneering Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform by Amazon, announced an upgrade to its Access and Query functions, offering users friction-free access to blockchain networks and their data. This enhancement is set to empower businesses, startups, and developers to create and maintain scalable blockchain networks with ease, positioning Amazon as a key player in the global transition toward blockchain adoption.

Empowering Developers with Enhanced Access

Amazon’s AMB is breaking barriers by empowering developers with an expanded Access functionality. This upgrade enables serverless and scalable access to blockchains, opening doors for developers to interact with digital assets and distributed applications across multiple blockchains without the need for specialized infrastructure. Using standard remote procedure calls, developers can seamlessly navigate through various blockchains, with initial support being offered for the Bitcoin network. This new feature brings a frictionless experience to developers, easing the creation of Web3 applications and fostering innovative blockchain solutions.

Unveiling the Pay-as-You-Go Model for Query Feature

The AMB’s Query feature has also received a significant boost, providing developers with access to blockchain data across multiple chains, beginning with Bitcoin and Ethereum, through application programming interfaces (API). Amazon is introducing a pay-as-you-go model for this service, breaking down barriers to entry and making blockchain data more accessible and affordable to users. With this upgrade, businesses and individuals can now make more informed decisions and achieve improved operational efficiency, taking advantage of the wealth of insights available from blockchain networks.

Driving Innovation and Adoption in Web3

By enhancing its AMB services, Amazon cements its commitment to Web3, demonstrating a clear vision to support blockchain adoption on a global scale. The expanded functionalities cater to a diverse range of potential use cases, including custodial and wallet crypto applications and Web3 consumer engagement campaigns leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With Amazon’s profound investment in blockchain technology, the tech giant is firmly positioned as a game-changer in the Web3 space, propelling the world towards a decentralized and blockchain-powered future.


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