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After a $25 million fundraising round, former Andreessen Horowitz executives launch Bastion.

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Emerging from the shadows of obscurity, a Web3 startup has emerged into the limelight, propelled by a successful seed funding round spearheaded by a16z crypto. This milestone empowers enterprises to seamlessly integrate the robust Web3 infrastructure into their existing technological landscapes.

What makes this achievement all the more remarkable is that two former luminaries from Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto division, having departed during a challenging period of venture capital scarcity, managed to secure an impressive $25 million in seed funding for their nascent Web3 venture, Bastion.

On the 18th of September, Bastion officially unveiled its suite of cutting-edge products, solidifying its mission to facilitate the seamless integration of Web3 infrastructure into the heart of established enterprise technologies.

Bastion’s genesis is attributed to the visionary partnership of two former a16z crypto division executives, Riyaz Faizullabhoy, former Chief Technology Officer, and Nassim Eddequiouaq, former Chief Security Officer. Their journey began in April when they decided to embark on this transformative venture.

Notably, the $25 million funding round was spearheaded by none other than their former employer, a16z Crypto. Joining this visionary endeavor were notable investors such as Nomura Group’s Laser Digital Ventures, Robot Ventures, Aptos Ventures, and Alchemy Ventures, all contributing to the success of this seed funding initiative.

In a resounding declaration, Bastion articulated its intention to channel these funds towards expanding its operational footprint, attracting top-tier engineering talent, and securing additional licenses to diversify its product portfolio.

Bastion’s offerings encompass a range of services, including secure custody solutions, seamless digital asset transactions, and user-friendly digital wallets, all contributing to the realization of their Web3 vision.

Co-founder Nassim Eddequiouaq expressed the essence of Bastion’s mission succinctly, stating, “Our founding vision for Bastion is to empower businesses to effortlessly transition their products and users into the dynamic world of Web3, alleviating the complexities and challenges associated with the current landscape.”

Arianna Simpson, the esteemed General Partner of a16z crypto, offered unwavering support, affirming, “We wholeheartedly embrace Nass and Riyaz’s vision of ushering in a Web3 era that is both secure and accessible to enterprises across every sector. We are thrilled to stand by them as they turn this vision into reality.”

Recent events bear witness to a16z’s commitment to the Web3 revolution, as they spearheaded a $54 million funding round for the blockchain-based intellectual property ownership platform, Story Protocol, earlier this month.

Additionally, in response to mounting regulatory pressures in the United States, a16z announced the inauguration of a new London office in June, further reinforcing their dedication to advancing the Web3 movement.

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