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Arbitrum Unlocks Millions of Coins, Which Unveils Whale Actions & AI Altcoin Fascinates Bitcoin Investors

Arbitrum (ARB) whales moving 34 million ARB tokens, valued at roughly $58 million, into several cryptocurrency exchanges have raised concerns about a possible dump. This development occurred after the network unlocked many vested tokens earlier this month. Meanwhile, the last seven days have seen a 12.58% decline in Bitcoin (BTC), moving from an ATH (all-time high) of nearly $74,000 to about $66,000. 


Owing to this decline, Bitcoin investors have noticed the promising AI (artificial intelligence) altcoin InQubeta (QUBE) and are fascinated by its remarkable journey. InQubeta is an emerging cryptocurrency buzzing with potential; its presale is selling out quickly and has raised over $12.3 million so far. Positioned at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence, it aims to present a novel approach to the rapidly expanding AI industry, to change the fundraising scene and make the market accessible to all investors.


Let’s explore the reasons behind the Arbitrum coin unlock and the unique features of InQubeta that have attracted the attention of Bitcoin enthusiasts.


InQubeta (QUBE) Captures Investors’ Interest With its Massive Growth Potential

InQubeta has gained the support of Bitcoin investors and aims to become one of the major game changers in the DeFi market because of its unique approach to AI investing. With an astounding presale milestone of more than $12.3 million raised, InQubeta is poised to challenge the dynamics of the AI sector. The QUBE token, presently trading at $0.028, is predicted to soar to $0.0308, offering early adopters a return of more than 25% by the end of the crypto ICO event.


Following the platform’s launch, analysts have projected a 200x increase in QUBE’s price, indicating InQubeta’s status as a rapidly emerging alternative to top altcoins. Since the presale, demand for the token has tripled, increasing by more than 250%. With over 923 million tokens sold quickly, the crypto ICO is over 89% complete. This indicates that investors have faith in InQubeta’s ability to meet up to expectations.  


Early adopters will be rewarded with the chance to use their QUBE tokens to invest in AI development. InQubeta’s real innovation is democratizing these investment opportunities by using fractionalized NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This means investing in a small amount of NFTs can yield substantial gains as the AI industry expands, making it the best crypto investment this year.


One of InQubeta’s advantages is investment in equity-based NFTs. It allows investors to generate passive income by staking their QUBE tokens, yielding profits from a dedicated tax pool. Holders will also have governance rights to influence the platform’s decisions. Bitcoin investors are enthusiastic about the launch of InQubeta, labeling it the best crypto investment choice for generating passive income.



Arbitrum (ARB) Token Unlock Sparks Massive Whale Movement

On March 16, Arbitrum unlocked 1.1 billion tokens valued at almost $2 billion for its investors, advisers, and team members. Since many vested tokens were released on March 16, whales holding ARB tokens have begun transferring their digital assets onto cryptocurrency exchanges. Lookonchain, a blockchain monitoring company, noted on March 18 that at least 11 whales had placed their tokens on exchanges following the unlock. The whales placed 34 million tokens, valued at almost $58 million.


According to cryptocurrency vesting tracker Token Unlocks, 673.5 million of these ARB tokens were unlocked through a “Cliff Unlock,” which implies they were all released simultaneously. Investors expressed alarm over the flood of unlocked tokens, with some speculating that many holders would take short positions against the coin. Notably, the token unlock that the cryptocurrency community had anticipated would increase the price of ARB had the opposite effect. The price of Arbitrum decreased to $1.84 on the day of the unlock from a peak of $2.22 on March 13. The next day, the token fell even lower to $1.66. 


Bitcoin (BTC) Declines From its All-Time High

Recently, BTC has declined around 12%, primarily due to expected inflation data and selloffs caused by expectations of a pullback. Most analysts see the significant decline in the cryptocurrency market as a correction, given that the price of Bitcoin reached its ATH of $73,666 in its 15-year history. The next day, it withdrew from its all-time high, and the Bitcoin market’s upward trend stopped. Since the US Securities and Exchange Commission authorized spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on January 11, the price of BTC has surged. The approval allowed investors in financial institutions to trade Bitcoin without owning it.




ARB holders may not be getting a break anytime soon since its price has not yet recovered from the impact of the unlocked tokens mixed with the recent whale movement. Meanwhile, following the recent decline in Bitcoin’s value, BTC investors have taken notice of InQubeta and are fascinated by its value propositions. Under its innovative funding approach and open ecosystem, InQubeta has become a popular participant in the market. InQubeta can potentially drive the upcoming wave of AI advancements, opening the door for quicker growth and development with strong community backing and a dedication to innovation.


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