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Are Emails created on the top of the blockchain platform secure?

Are Emails created on the top of the blockchain platform secure

The Global pandemic covid-19 has created a clear delineation of remote work. Thus, the reliability of any company lies in its email service provider only for any form of communication.

Email Security

According to an estimation, more than 320 billion emails are sent every single day. Hold Security is an IT security firm. It made an estimatimation that more than 272 million email details are offered to be purchased on the darknet.

In addition to the security issues, there are many distractions, like email service providers processing ads to their users is an everyday phenomenon.

The idea of a clutter-free, span free and ad-free inbox has become practically impossible even to imagine.

How to protect your email?

Blockchain Technology has a solution to secure your email. In addition, this platform might help to provide you more Security than other centralized alternatives.

Decentralized nature of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a decentralized technology. Thus, it helps to provide the highest level of security when it comes to your emails. Since it is a peer-to-peer network, it is next to impossible to break into it. With the help of smart contracts, blockchain tech can take care of the constant flux of unwanted emails quickly.

How should the blockchain solution look?

For the above features to become a reality in a decentralized system, the blockchain should be scalable, sustainable, and secure. These factors should be carefully considered when you are choosing a blockchain protocol. However, not all blockchains are capable of providing email services.

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