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As of Elon Musk, Jim Jefferies Possess Four Times As Broadly Bitcoin

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Jim Jefferies, an Australian comedian, disclosed that he acquired one Bitcoin on the Robinhood trading app for approximately $10K.

As billionaire Elon Musk, Jim Jefferies an Australian comedian has collected an enormous stack of Bitcoin.

On The June 30 episode of Jefferies’ podcast I Don’t Know About That, the comedian disclosed to “Invest Diva” Kiana Danial that he was barely notified about cryptocurrency than his comedy team clearly discerned, his podcast staff commonly preferred topics the comedian has no information about.

“I have one Bitcoin,” Jefferies said. “I bought it as a bit of a laugh just on the Robinhood app just to see what this crypto is all about.” 

According to the comedian, he presently owns $9,612 “worth of a Bitcoin” but Danial assumed Jefferies hadn’t switched his token to a wallet and of course ‘not your keys, not your Bitcoin’.

The possession of 1 BTC gets him richer in Bitcoin than tech billionaire Elon Musk, who corroborated that his Bitcoin holdings were at an insignificant 0.25 BTC — $2,34.

Jefferies’ net worth is calculated near to $9 million, as his crypto investment gets up just 0.1% of his assets,  a slight less than billionaire Paul Tudor Jones’ 1%.

Mirthful clasp of crypto

The podcast is schemed to be scholarly and entertaining, Jefferies attended to Danial clarify few fundamental crypto tasks and record. 

As question of Satoshi Nakamoto showed up, the comedian instantly replied:

“Everyone knows who he is — two Michelin stars, best tuna in town.”

Cold storage, comedic detour:

“I’m going to buy some Bitcoins, and I’m gonna put my wallet in the fridge.”

Significant of ‘finance expert’

Comments on Jefferies’ proficiency prevailed assorted, however several members of Crypto Twitter stood crucial of Danial’s justification of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

According to Twitter user Westy447 “That’s what you need: someone who doesn’t understand a subject to a bunch of people who have never heard of it,”. “Like a cat trying to explain cycling to fish.”

Podcaster Marty: “The so-called expert they had on was a total disaster. I would love Jim Jefferies to come on your show, so he can learn about Bitcoin the right way.”

Jefferies, the second major comedian to reflect a curiosity in cryptocurrency over a podcast. On July 2, Bitcoin world revealed that Anthony Pompliano possessed successful confident comedian Bill Burr to invest in Bitcoin.

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