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Beware! Your Bank Login Details To Netflix Account On Sale At Dark Web

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

All your bank details, network service credentials and Netflix account subscription could be hacked as it is on sale at dark web. As per a recent study, it has been found that over 15 billion credentials are in circulation via the dark web, representing a 300% increase since 2018.

To make things worse, according to a research, it has been claimed that the information are being sold for free. The research said that there are accounts with non-complex passwords which can be easily hacked.

The most valuable leaked credentials include access to corporate networks. The data type can fetch highly.

It comparatively has a very less average cost depending upon the profit making of the company.

Brett Callow, threat analyst at malware lab Emsisoft, told Cointelegraph warned.

“An enormous number of users’ credentials are exposed on a daily basis in a myriad of ways, from phishing to malware attacks to data breaches. The consequences of exposure may be minor, such as in the case of leaking Netflix logins, or extremely serious – leaked banking credentials, for example.”

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