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Binance To Remove In-App Audio Record Facility

Binance, a powerful crypto exchange platform, which allows trading various cryptocurrencies continues to grow leaps and bounds over the years.

Binance will launch its cyptocurrency debit cards in Europe which comes as a major boost for investors but it also set to remove audio facility from its application on the android platform.

A user @ShitcoinSherpa tweeted certificate issuer screenshots, showing that the permissions asked by Binance in its Android app include access to the camera and the ability to record audio.

Binance chief security spoke about the development of the app which looks at developing it primarily.

“Our next version of the Binance app scheduled for release in mid-July, we will remove the audio recording permission. We keep other permissions required to a minimum, for our users’ peace of mind,” he told Cointelegraph.

The latest android app version will include:







“The thought of looking at the users’ clipboard data scares us. We view that as a major security concern for our users. Many of our users may use a crypto wallet of some kind. They may have a copy of their seed or private key in their clipboard at some time. Any App collecting this data could steal the users’ funds and should be classified as a trojan horse or virus. We don’t want to go anywhere near that.”

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