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Binance’s AI-powered NFT generator hits 10K mints in 2.5 hours

In only 2.5 hours after going live, Binance’s recently introduced artificial intelligence-powered nonfungible token (NFT) generator has already produced 10,000 NFTs at full capacity.

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance introduced “Bicasso,” an AI-powered NFT generator, in beta on March 1.

You can utilize AI to transform your original ideas into NFTs, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao informed users. A few hours later, he added, “Bicasso’s first pilot just finished with 10K NFT minted in 2.5 hours. The AI had been a bit anxious but had now calmed down.

The system is an AI-powered tool for creating images, comparable to AI-art platforms like DALL-E. Users may either fill in creative suggestions to build a custom image made using AI or upload an image, such as a profile photo, for the AI to work on. 9,909 owners produced at least one NFT as part of the restricted beta, according to first mint statistics. As the photographs were used in the pilot, they cannot be purchased separately.

On crypto Twitter, users were eager to showcase their inventions.

Due to high demand, there were a few hiccups after the pilot launch, which Binance recognized and stated: “Our team is actively trying to strengthen the server abilities to eliminate mistakes and to make the minting process smoother.” It also said that anybody who didn’t make the 10K beta limit may still join the queue for the final version.

According to the platform, “Bicasso AI#10445” is the most recent NFT to have been created.

An entirely or partially autonomous system was used to make generative art, a new paradigm in the field of visual arts. Taylor Hobbs’ “Fidenza #724”, an NFT made using a computer algorithm, was sold at auction on February 28 by famous auction house Christie’s for $440,000.


All 10,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs were turned into artificially intelligent pieces of art in August.


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