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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches ATH with 7.3% Spike; Injective and Chainlink Rival Ready for Substantial Earnings

Bitcoin miners have been in the news recently as their jobs may have gotten a little harder, as the best coin to invest in, Bitcoin, navigates some speed bumps. With that being said, BTC has definitely been improving in price performance, as it just recently broke the $50k mark – albeit briefly. Elsewhere, a clear rival to Injective and Chainlink has emerged, going by the name of InQubeta, and it’s proving to have real staying power in the market.


Mining Difficulty On The Rise

Mining difficulty has seen a significant increase of 7.33%, the highest this year, marking the most difficult period to mine Bitcoin in its history. This milestone highlights the growing challenges and computational demands faced by miners in the Bitcoin network as the next halving looms ahead in the next two months.

Indeed this increase in difficulty comes as the Bitcoin community anticipates the fourth halving event, expected to occur in less than 11,500 blocks. The halving will reduce the reward for mining a new block from 6.25 to 3.125 bitcoins, further escalating the competition among miners for diminishing BTC supply.

This record high mining difficulty highlights just how competitive the activity of Bitcoin mining is, as well as the continuous growth and resilience of the Bitcoin network overall. As miners adjust their operations to the new difficulty level, onlookers continue to watch on in hopes that the Bitcoin ETF market effects remain positive.


InQubeta Making Gains

InQubeta (QUBE) undoubtedly qualifies in the list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in for crypto whales. Why? Well, this groundbreaking platform offers fractional investment in AI startups, leveraging its own unique QUBE tokens, which are deflationary ERC20 tokens specifically designed to upgrade the funding of AI startups.

Indeed, AI startups haven’t always received the mass appeal that they may deserve, so InQubeta has stepped in to change this and revitalize the space. This will not only revolutionize the crypto AI space, but it may even revolutionize the world! This is because there are so many problems that AI can solve, and since startups may normally not be funded very well, InQubeta solves that and is giving these companies the room they need to succeed.

InQubeta’s inventive NFT marketplace provides an area for these AI startups to raise capital by issuing reward and equity-based NFTs. QUBE token holders can very easily take part in these projects and, at the same time, enjoy the privileges of early backers. The token features unique attributes, including a 2% tax on both buys & sells, with the proceeds directed to a burn wallet, thereby increasing its value over time. What’s more? A 5% sell tax is allocated to a dedicated reward pool, enabling investors to earn rewards through token staking.

InQubeta’s commitment to invention goes far beyond NFTs and AI investments, though. It’s also worth noting that the platform is at the forefront of the best defi crypto projects too. With a clear focus on decentralized finance, it offers investors access to the best defi projects, making it a top choice in the high-tech world of crypto.

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All in all, following the SEC Decision on Bitcoin ETF, the BTC miners are facing increased difficulties before the approaching halving event. In altcoin news, InQubeta is hot on the trail of other AI competitors as it continues to innovate and inspire the masses with its unique value proposition.

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