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Bitcoin Price Set To ‘Sprint’ Toward $40,000, This Prominent Trader Claims

Bitcoin’s price has captivated the financial world, attracting investors and enthusiasts’ attention. In an exciting development, renowned trader Mikybull Crypto has identified a long-term chart feature that could lead to a significant upside for Bitcoin. This analysis highlights encouraging signs on the BTC/USD weekly chart, suggesting a remarkable 60% surge in value, potentially propelling the price to around $40,000.

Bitcoin’s recent price movements have left traders and investors uncertain about short-term targets, as the cryptocurrency remains trapped within a narrow trading range it entered almost three months ago. The lack of a clear trend has established $30,000 as a formidable resistance level, causing hesitation in the market.

However, Mikybull Crypto, an influential trader, maintains an optimistic outlook. His analysis uncovers intriguing price action on higher time frames that could signify a significant move in the near future. The weekly chart reveals the completion and subsequent retesting of an inverse head-and-shoulders pattern for BTC/USD.

While the standard head-and-shoulders pattern typically indicates solidified resistance followed by a downward trend, the inverse head-and-shoulders pattern serves as a bullish counterpart. This suggests that Bitcoin may be on the brink of a positive breakout, as Mikybull Crypto explains in his analysis.

According to Mikybull Crypto’s observations, Bitcoin displays a textbook inverse head-and-shoulders pattern on the weekly timeframe. The price is in the process of retesting the neckline after the initial breakout. By applying the principles of this pattern, Mikybull Crypto anticipates another 60% rally for BTC, reinforcing the potential for a significant price surge.

As Bitcoin temporarily drops to $25,000 on CoinGecko, market participants remain fixated on the highly anticipated $40,000 milestone. This level has become a popular target among traders and investors, representing a potential breakthrough for the leading cryptocurrency.

Adding to the discussion, analyst Credible Crypto suggests that Bitcoin may enter a sideways phase between $20,000 and $40,000 for approximately 12 months following the upcoming halving event in April 2024. This prediction aligns with historical trends, as Bitcoin halvings, occurring roughly every four years, have traditionally led to bullish market conditions. Reducing block rewards reduces the rate at which new Bitcoins are generated, creating scarcity and driving up demand, thus influencing the price.

Bitcoin’s price continues to generate excitement and speculation. The analysis conducted by Mikybull Crypto reveals promising signs for a potential price surge, with the possibility of a 60% rally toward $40,000. With the upcoming halving event, Bitcoin’s future appears to hold immense potential for investors and traders alike.

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