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Bitcoin’s New Phase: Airdrops Through Ordinals; AI Altcoin Presale’s Success Draws Attention

There’s never been a better time to be a Bitcoin (BTC) holder as a new all-time high (ATH) was set on March 5 at $69,170. The creation of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds has been one of the main drivers of BTC’s recent price run and there’s a good chance predictions that prices will grow as high as $160,000 turn out to be accurate. 

Bitcoin Ordinals investors recently got a bonus to go with BTC’s recent price surge as over 112,000 Runestones are set to be distributed to Ordinals wallets that hold at least three inscriptions out of the 2,300 in the space. 

Ordinals are a protocol that allows for non-financial data to be inscribed on the Bitcoin network. It’s Bitcoin’s equivalent to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum (ETH) network, and it allows a wide range of data from videos to images to be linked to single Satoshis. 

While Bitcoin’s historic price surge has garnered lots of attention lately, InQubeta (QUBE) an emerging crypto project is also poised to bring its investors considerable returns. Early buyers of QUBE have earned 250% returns on their investments as the presale generates over $10.9 million in token sales. 


Best altcoins to invest in: InQubeta (QUBE) is expected to outgrow BTC in 2024

As impressive as many Bitcoin price predictions are these days, InQubeta has the potential to earn investors much larger returns. It provides one of the most useful solutions in the cryptocurrency space by providing an alternative way for investors to secure equity in emerging AI firms. This allows investors who don’t meet the often ridiculous requirements that many traditional investment firms have an easier way to access investment opportunities in the AI space. 


AI is a fast-growing technology sector and the capital invested in it has been growing just as fast. The investment capital streaming into AI has gone from $12 billion to $120 billion in the past several years and an additional $1.5 trillion is expected to enter the space in the next several years. 

Investing in AI firms emerging today can help investors to build generational wealth since many of these firms will end up playing major roles reshaping how many industries work. 

Here’s how investors and AI startups come together on the InQubeta network:

  • AI startups gain access to the NFT marketplace after being evaluated. Here, these companies create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that serve as tokenized proof of investment opportunities offered by them
  • Investors browse the different investment opportunities being offered and invest in companies they find attractive by using QUBE to buy fractions of their non-fungible tokens to suit their budgets
  • Investors can hold on to these tokens for as long as they wish or resell them on the NFT marketplace for QUBE whenever they choose

QUBE is priced at $0.0245 in the presale’s eighth stage and some analysts expect prices to exceed a dollar before the year ends. This means investing directly in InQubeta could be just as rewarding as investing in artificial intelligence.



Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals holders receive Runestone airdrop

The Bitcoin Ordinals developer Leonidas recently caused a stir in the cryptocurrency space when he announced wallets with three or more inscriptions are poised to be part of a Runestone airdrop. It’s expected to be the biggest airdrop ever on the Ordinals ecosystem. 

The airdrop is expected to take place any moment from now, and over 112,383 wallets are designated to receive some Runestone. 

Ordinals currently make up a considerable portion of all network activity on the Bitcoin network, despite its inscriptions not serving any real purpose besides being mementos of the first year of the Ordinals protocol. 



QUBE and BTC are two of the best cryptos to buy now given their exponential growth potential. QUBE is expected to enjoy the most growth thanks to the groundbreaking way it brings emerging AI firms and sources of funding together. 

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