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Bitcoin’s Risk of Dropping to $66K Analyzed, AI Market Sees Chainlink Competitor’s Rise

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price registered a sharp uptick, causing it to rise above the final resistance around the previous ATH. The price smashed a new ATH above the $73,000 and continues to maintain an ascending trend, but there is a possibility of a slight correction before the start of another rally. According to AMBCrypto’s analysis, a few metrics look bearish on BTC, and Bitcoin might witness a short-term correction to the $66,000 mark.

Meanwhile, the crypto AI market is witnessing InQubeta (QUBE), a strong competitor to Chainlink (LINK), rising. InQubeta utilizes the QUBE token and NFT marketplace to create a smooth and effective investment process that benefits investors and startups. Through its presale, investors are seizing the opportunity it offers to enhance their portfolios.

This article explores InQubeta’s rise in the AI market and Bitcoin’s risk of dropping to $66,000.


InQubeta (QUBE): Integration Of NFT Drives Its Market Rise

InQubeta, a new DeFi crypto, is gaining prominence as the first crypto crowdfunding platform. The crypto AI market is witnessing a significant shift with the rise of InQubeta, facilitating fractional investment in AI startups using QUBE tokens. As a formidable competitor to Chainlink, QUBE, an ERC20 token, operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform aims to transform the process by which AI startups secure funding and interact with their communities.


QUBE’s deflationary nature appeals to investors, boosting its rise in the AI market. This approach provides a distinctive investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts seeking the best DeFi crypto to broaden their portfolio. By imposing a 2% buy-and-sell tax towards a burning wallet and a 5% sell tax allocated to a designated reward pool, QUBE holders can earn rewards by staking their tokens. This new DeFi crypto feature enhances its appeal, particularly for those who have faith in the growth prospects of AI technology startups


Central to InQubeta’s innovation is the integration of NFTs into its platform. Through this strategy, each investment opportunity is minted into an NFT and fractionalized. This enables investors to invest in a way that suits their budget and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits of being an early supporter. With the platform’s NFT marketplace, AI startups can raise capital by offering reward and equity-based NFTs.



Bitcoin (BTC): AMBCrypto’s Analysis of its Prices Correlation 

The March monthly trading for Bitcoin started with the price holding steady above the gains, signaling significant bullish momentum in the days ahead. Surging past $73,000, Bitcoin set a new all-time high. This indicates the potential for the token to reach further highs, possibly exceeding $75,000 soon. AMBCrypto analyzed BTC’s metrics to determine if a correction in price is imminent.


According to AMBCrypto’s analysis, Bitcoin will likely experience a price correction shortly. Their examination also indicated several other metrics portraying a bearish outlook for Bitcoin. Data from CryptoQuant highlighted that Bitcoin’s aSORP indicator was in negative territory, suggesting more investors were selling at a profit. In the event of a price correction, BTC may encounter robust short-term support around $66,000 before resuming its upward momentum.


Chainlink (LINK): Lookonchain Reveals Whales Accumulation Of its Token

Indications of revitalized interest are surfacing for the decentralized oracle platform Chainlink, with blockchain data revealing a surge in LINK accumulation by big investors, commonly called whales. As per data initially highlighted by the on-chain analysis service Lookonchain, eight distinct wallet addresses withdrew $16.72 million worth of LINK from the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Binance within two days.


This recent surge in activity is not an isolated event, as the company has been closely monitoring these whales. Back in February, Lookonchain disclosed that these entities had accumulated almost a quarter of a billion dollars worth of LINK, through withdrawals from Binance. This indicates that whales retain their funds on-chain rather than on exchanges.




AMBCrypto’s analysis reveals the possibility of Bitcoin dropping to $66,000. Meanwhile, InQubeta is trending in the AI market with its unique features. InQubeta’s approach to AI investment disrupts traditional models, offering accessibility, security, and potential for growth. This method positions it as the best DeFi crypto in the AI market. Seize InQubeta’s opportunity by creating a wallet and purchasing the token via the website.

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