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Bitgert Coin’s 70% Rally Sparks Enthusiasm, Forecasts 700% Upswing

Over the last three months, the value of Bitgert Coin has experienced an amazingly varied price change. The value of the coin grew by 72.8% in a fairly short time period: from January 28 to March 27, 2024, starting from $0.000000139875 and ending at $0.000000243592. Such a market suffered extreme fluctuations; the value on March 11, which was $0.000000367054, represented a striking 162.5 % increase from what it was on January 28. Though, public capital gains have increased by 26.9% after the collapse. 

On the other hand, Bitgert’s trading volume and the market cap fell in close proportion, and the market cap increased about 71.2% from $56,038,993 to $96,107,069 just within a month from January 28 to February 27. Bitgert presently stands at 71.2% hiked market cap as per its last 30 days cap ballot, which analysts optimistically project, translating to 700% pricing hikes in the future.

About the Project

Bitgert (BRISE) is a crypto engineering corporation that gained popularity due to its achievements in the field of blockchain via product development and audit expertise. Apart from offering an opportunity for investors to earn out staking in BUSD and the buyback mechanism, the Bitgert token helps in minimizing token abundance and enhances token price appreciation. In less than 200 days since the launch, Bitgert revealed an assembly of products: Custom Wallet, Audit Services along with Leaderboard, Token swap, Staking, and Native Exchange with its own blockchain. 

Besides OrangeX, Bitgert coins can be purchased on most other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. As per yesterday’s trading session, Bitgert’s volume rose by 6.4%, another sign that market interest is expanding.

Bitgert’s Unique BuyBack Mechanism

Bitgert coin serves as an intermediary in a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for local currency trading, which is enabled by the BRISE Wallet dApp, with instantaneous, safe, and no-charge transactions. The seller and buyer act directly with each other without needing third parties. The token is granted with a buyback mechanism. A tax of 5% buyback rate is charged in each transaction and stored inside the smart contract. When the events of the sale are completed, some of the tax payment amounts are distributed to the part of the automatic token purchase from the liquidity pool, with such tokens then being burned. 



  • Price rise (buyers buy tokens from the liquidity pool, new BNB tokens will be added to the pool, and the number of Bitgert coins (BRISE) will be reduced); 
  • the emergence of free BNB tokens’; 
  • investors’ trust and safety. 

Furthermore, Bitgert surrenders 4% of every transaction, in terms of commission, to its investors in ratio to their holdings, which are paid in BUSD tokens. The total summed network tax commission is 12%.

Final Take: Should you invest in Bitgert or not?

Strong and sturdy fundamentals back Bitgert Coin’s recent bullish rally. The ecosystem boasts innovative product development with a unique buyback mechanism. All of this projects an overall positive market sentiment and strong investment potential, given buyers practice constant vigilance, balancing their risk appetite.

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