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Blockchain backed by 140 Government Services Applications, in Beijing

In China the first blockchain, application blueprint for government actions, disclosed by the Beijing government arguing 140 applications manipulate the technology.

As per the report by local news, the Beijing government disclosed its primary blockchain application blueprint on government  actions, according to the local news on July 15.  

Blueprint demonstrates that 140 government action applications are on the blockchain. The applications are allocated into three types: “data sharing and exchange”, “business collaborative processing” and “electronic certificate and certificate storage”.

The administrator in charge of the blueprint announced :

“Blockchain is a breakthrough in data sharing which is difficult to get through the traditional sharing way […] ‘electronic certificate storage’ means that the electronic certificate is stored on the chain, and […] improves the credibility and verification efficiency.”

Blockchain reap significant

As a representative the real estate registration blockchain system, implicates 11 government areas, encompassing the municipal planning commission, the residence and urban rural development urban-rural, the tax department, the public security department. The official announced :

“The relevant departments will handle the real estate registration business and store the relevant information in the blockchain to ensure the credibility of the electronic license […] to realize the traceability of the sharing process.” 

Noted by the Bitcoin world, China is noticing the benefits of blockchain technology inorder to facilitate ordering with the medical institutions amid forthcoming epidemics. Nevertheless Chinese provincial governments additionally withstand challenges enforcing blockchain applications as stakeholders hesitate to supply their data.

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