BlockTalks Unveils Inaugural Gurgaon Event to Foster Web3 Community Collaboration During Challenging Market Times

BlockTalks is the pioneering platform, dedicated to the exploration of emerging technologies. It has announced the inaugural BlockTalks Gurgaon, scheduled for September 9th, 2023. This special gathering aims to bring together web3 founders, partners, media entities, and technology enthusiasts. They will have a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and support each other during the current bear market.

BlockTalks, powered by Blockopedia, will offer an immersive and comprehensive look into the rapidly evolving world of web3, including blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Gamefi, and other groundbreaking innovations. The event aims to inspire collaboration, shape the tech landscape, and facilitate dialogue amongst tech enthusiasts, experts, and curious minds alike.

The event schedule promises an exhilarating evening filled with exploration and innovation. It will feature immersive sessions, panel discussions, visionary talks, and opportunities to network with industry professionals. Attendees will have the chance to engage with pioneering founders. They will discover promising projects and support innovation, even in the current bear market.

BlockTalks is further distinguished by the participation of industry-leading companies such as Quillaudit, Paxo Finance,, Endless Domain, and more. These prominent organizations will contribute their expertise and insights, reinforcing the event’s standing as a premier gathering for Web3 professionals. Notably, the event will also feature a distinguished lineup of speakers and panelists. They will share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within the Web3 landscape, particularly in the context of the current bear market.

One of the key features of BlockTalks is the opportunity for founders to meet and engage with other Web3 partners and media entities. By providing a dedicated space for these interactions, the event encourages the sharing of ideas. Attendees can also form strategic alliances and showcase innovative projects. This collaborative environment is essential for nurturing good projects and sustaining momentum during the bear market.

Mohammad Ahmad, the Founder of BlockTalks, shared his vision for the event: “BlockTalks represents an exciting opportunity to demystify web3 technologies and bring them closer to a wider audience. Our partnerships and the expertise of our team will allow us to create a space where innovation thrives, and ideas are exchanged freely. This event is not just about exploring technology; it’s about building a community that supports and drives the future of Web3.”

The BlockTalks team, comprised of seasoned experts and visionaries in the technology sector, has been meticulously planning the event. The team has ensured that it resonates with both industry veterans and newcomers. Their dedication to delivering a top-tier experience reflects the event’s importance in bridging the gap between traditional tech and the web3 space.

Furthermore, BlockTalks offers an unparalleled platform for media representatives, industry experts, and forward-thinkers. They can connect and discuss the currents shaping the evolution of technology. The inclusion of various media and community organizations promises to provide unique insights and perspectives from a diverse spectrum of industry leaders.

BlockTalks will take place at The Circle – Millennium City Centre, Gurgaon, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Tickets and additional information are available at The event is expected to be a milestone in the journey of Web3. It will set the stage for future innovations and collaborations.

About BlockTalks

BlockTalks, powered by Blockopedia, is a series of events designed to explore the forefront of Web3 technology. With a focus on fostering community engagement, facilitating dialogue, and inspiring collaboration, BlockTalks aims to be a catalyst for innovation and a hub for tech enthusiasts, experts, and curious minds.

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