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Borroe Finance, Toncoin and Fantom: The Trio Poised to Dominate Upcoming Market Trends

If anyone’s looking for cryptos that are set to dominate upcoming market trends, experts shed light on three cryptos: Borroe Finance ($ROE), Toncoin (TON), and Fantom (FTM). Despite Toncoin and Fantom showing great potential, investors are hopping onto Borroe Finance’s native token, $ROE, due to its massive success in presale. Which crypto to buy today for long term? Let’s find out.



Borroe Finance Eyes To Dominate Crypto Market

With its commendable presale performance, Borroe Finance has attracted significant attention from institutional and retail investors. Investors find this innovative project very compelling. Borroe Finance pioneers an AI-driven NFT funding marketplace that helps Web3 players to generate immediate cash.

Not only that, Borroe Finance aims to solve traditional financing drawbacks like liquidity pools and flash loans. Borroe Finance uses the most sophisticated technologies like AI, smart contracts, NFTs, and blockchain in its innovative platform.  

Moreover, Borroe Finance emphasizes decentralized identity and transparency, which eases developers in building dApp (decentralized application). For this reason, $ROE has become one of the best crypto investment picks. 

As the presale proceeds, Borroe Finance is in Stage 5. $ROE is priced attractively at $0.02. Early adopters have already received 100% ROI on $ROE. Moreover, $ROE is preparing to jump 25% from its current stage to the final stage at $0.025. Get $ROE now to ride along its profitable journey.



Toncoin Shows Incredible Market Performance

Like many other cryptos, Toncoin has been riding a bullish run since the start of March. Moreover, TON’s outstanding strength has outperformed many coins in growth. In mid-March, Toncoin boast an impressive market cap of over $13 billion. This uptick has sparked a wave of positive sentiment in the Toncoin ecosystem.

In addition, Toncoin’s new partnership with Fireblocks and DWF Labs added further confidence in adopting TON. As of mid-March, TON was trading at around $3.72. This was an excellent 73.83% gain for TON in March alone—moreover, this spike in TON’s value aligned with a significant surge in trading activity.

On the other hand, TON’s on-chain metrics indicated positive sentiment in upcoming market trends. Technical indicators showed a bullish outlook for Toncoin. Moreover, Toincoin’s rise in weekly RSI level showed solid upward momentum. 

Experts say if Toncoin’s momentum sustains, TON might ascend into the top 10 cryptocurrencies list. They reveal TON might touch $5.00 sooner.


Fantom Boosts Market Confidence

While Bitcoin plunged below the $65,000 mark, Fantom showed strong resilience by breaching the $1.00 mark. This uptrend in FTM’s price aligned with open positions in Fantom, which have seen a notable rise from $63.5 million to $267 million since mid-January. Additionally, FTM has gained more than 117% since then.

With its incredible market performance, FTM has become one of the best cryptos to invest in. As of the third week of March, FTM was hovering around $1.02. This marked an impressive 112.5% gain for FTM in the first half of March. Moreover, FTM was trading significantly above the 200-day SMA.

According to Fantom’s technical analysis, a rounded bottom pattern formed. This suggests a continuation of Fantom’s bullish trend. Moreover, Fantom’s RSI slope also indicated aggressive positive sentiment. 

Fantom surpassed $1.05 resistance, so FTM is poised to gain higher highs. The potential target for FTM is $1.25, and even $1.80 could be within its reach.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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