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$BTC Bulls Rotating Into $ETH; This ERC-20 Memecoin Could Spike Massively

It’s no coincidence that Bitcoin ($BTC) Spot ETFs launched, and then $BTC went screaming towards its ATH. The consistent TradFi bid is overwhelmingly powerful, and when it comes to flows, having millions of dollars pumped into an asset each day is dynamite. Investors get to run the same trade again with the Ethereum ($ETH) ETF.

$BTC bulls are rotating into $ETH, and the second-order effect will be a huge Ethereum-native altcoin season. Anything under this broad umbrella will be uplifted and repriced accordingly. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is the token to watch, and this ERC-20 memecoin could spike massively. The path forward is clear, and the top cryptos to buy right now are $ETH and its beta plays.


Ethereum ($ETH): $BTC Bulls Start Rotating 

Whales are rotating to Ethereum, and the hot ball of money is moving. Lookonchain’s data shows that whales are making massive $ETH purchases, and after seeing Bitcoin’s performance post-ETF, nobody can argue with their logic. Ethereum has the added benefit of being deflationary, and with a smaller market cap, it will enjoy an even more violent upside than $BTC from passive ETF inflows.

TradFi investors have watched Bitcoin rally and will be lining up around the block for $ETH exposure. Naturally, the best cryptocurrencies to buy are anything that performs in alignment with $ETH: layer two tokens and other $ETH betas like $GFOX.

The Dencun upgrade will go live on Ethereum mainnet soon, and rollups will have their own data availability highway. A solid technical upgrade against the backdrop of institutional demand puts Ethereum in a great spot, and it is easy to see why $BTC bulls are rotating. The ETF trade has been by far the most profitable setup this cycle, and soon, $ETH will be zooming back its ATH. 


Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) ERC-20 Mania Incoming

Galaxy Fox could spike massively on this move, and the Ethereum ETF will be far more interesting than the $BTC ETF. Bitcoin is a relatively closed garden, whereas an increase in $ETH’s price will immediately flood into DeFi, and small caps like $GFOX could start flying. They are the top cryptos to buy right now. 

$GFOX is undergoing a massively successful presale and has already raised $4 million, and now this memecoin has crossed this valley of doubt. Forecasts for a 100X performance in Q2 are rolling in thick and fast. Galaxy Fox’s hybrid model makes it one of the only tokens on the market benefiting from dual narrative support, and small caps have always been the fastest movers in bullish conditions.

A Web3 runner game is the play-to-earn component of this memecoin, and now, while enjoying massive upside, can compete to win cash prizes. Staking rewards are another novel feature of this galactic ecosystem, and the token burn ensures all these rewards remain fully deflationary.

Galaxy Fox is taking the best elements from the memecoin genre and upgrading them into an entire ecosystem. Being bullish on a meme/ P2E project in the current conditions is a no-brainer, but add the looming $ETH ETF into the mix, and the ERC-20 mania that will break out, and $GFOX turns into an easy 100X opportunity. 



Closing Thoughts: Ethereum Liquidity Overspill Inbound

What cryptos to buy now? The answer is obvious- $ETH and its beta plays. Small caps like $GFOX will go absolutely wild when $ETH ETF liquidity starts spilling out into DeFi, and the time to buy is now before the approvals occur. The ERC-20 mania is coming; these are the top cryptos to buy right now.

Join the Galaxy Fox presale today and be an early adopter in this ERC-20 memecoin before the $ETH ETF floodgates open. A massive TradFi wave of liquidity is coming. Get in early during the ICO to one of $ETH’s hottest betas. 


Learn more about $GFOX here:

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