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$BTC Goes on Rampage — New ATH Incoming! $GFOX Valuation Nears $4 Million

Bitcoin ($BTC) has a mind of its own and shows little care for being the world’s ninth-largest asset, period. It has been doing what it does best and reminding everybody how fast it can move when it wants. $BTC goes on a rampage, and new ATH is incoming pre-halving.

It is not only the leader of the top 10 crypto coins going wild, and small caps are posting stupid gains. Galaxy Fox’s ($GFOX) valuation nears $4 million and this memecoin has plenty of gas left in the tank. Welcome to the bull market- do not be afraid to dream bigger. 


Bitcoin ($BTC) New ATH Pre-Halving? 

Bitcoin has been absolutely rampaging, and while many called the ETF approval a buy the news the rumor event. The exact opposite has played out. $BTC is trading above $60,000, and the massive demand from ETFs has driven the bulk of this move. Spot ETF trading volumes broke prior records with a monstrous $7.7 billion in volume on February 28th- more than doubling the previous high.

Demand for $BTC ownership outclasses issuance from miners by roughly 10X, and liquidity remains thin to the upside. Fink’s ‘Flight to Quality’ thesis is playing out, and TradFi has a voracious appetite for the digital era’s store of value. Bitcoin has transcended the top 10 crypto coins to become one of the world’s largest asset classes and boasts a market cap exceeding $1.2 trillion. A new ATH is coming sooner than anybody expects.

Congratulations to anybody who bought during the last six months. Now, TradFi money managers and boomers will have to pay a premium for your coins. But the race is only just getting started. New ATHs will draw in retail investors; this is when the mania begins. 


Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Valuation Nears $4 Million

Galaxy Fox is closing in on a $4 million valuation and remains criminally undervalued. Still in its presale, this memecoin/ P2E gem is one of the top cryptos to buy right now. Most have forgotten how wild things get in the bull market, and multi-billion dollar market caps become the norm. Early investors in this hybrid protocol stand to make a fortune.

The protocol incorporates a P2E component into its classic memecoin build. Players compete on a global stage via the endless runner game, which pays out prizes at the end of each season. Those who want to upgrade their chances of winning can mint one of 3,000 NFTs, which unlock special in-game bonuses. 

Staking rewards are another prominent feature of this ecosystem, and the link between payouts and ecosystem activity means staking is more like being a stakeholder in this ecosystem. A token burn drives scarcity via value, and even the protocol’s Treasury is growth-orientated funding marketing efforts.

Galaxy Fox’s team has learned the lessons of the bear market and seen what works. Supported by the memecoin narrative and the burgeoning GameFi narrative, this small-cap gem is easy money in its current developmental stage. 



Closing Thoughts: Entering the Up-Only Paradigm

Most investors will miss out on major gains due to bear market PTSD. Forget everything you learned in the bear market and embrace the up-only paradigm mentality. Bitcoin will keep surging, fed by TradFi inflows, the top 10 crypto coins will start posting double-digit gains, and small-cap altcoins will make face-melting rallies.

Get in the trenches and learn how to buy new crypto before listing by participating in the $GFOX ICO today. This gem is all gas, no brakes. In the same way that Bitcoin’s most recent move caught the majority off-guard, investors are not ready for Galaxy Fox’s retail launch.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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