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$BTC Sees Best Month Since 2020; $GFOX Rallies to $4 Million

Bitcoin ($BTC) has printed a monthly God candle. Hailed as the digital era’s equivalent of gold and the leading crypto for beginners, $BTC is now the world’s ninth-largest asset. Majors are moving aggressively following Bitcoin’s path, and the last key event will be the Ethereum ($ETF) approval. After this, mania will descend, and investors should be preparing themselves now.

$BTC sees best month since 2020, and instead of a pre-halving dump, this cycle is witnessing a pre-halving pump. The power of institutional flows cannot be ignored, and this cycle will be different. Small caps are ready to post ludicrous gains, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is the dominant player among small caps. $GFOX rallies to $4 million 


Bitcoin ($BTC): Best Month Since 2020

Bitcoin is up nearly 50% on the month, and institutional inflows are driving this rampage. ETFs seeing daily net inflows exceeding $500 million are becoming increasingly common, and selling pressure from Grayscale’s GBTC has started winding down. Demand for $BTC rapidly outstrips supply, and issuers are becoming serious sinks for $BTC.

First, ETF issuers overtook Saylor’s holdings, and then their total eclipsed 3% of the total supply, and soon, that number will hit 5%. The supply-demand imbalance between buyers and sellers (miners) will only worsen post-halving when the issuance rate is slashed in half. Expect more upward price pressure.

To put recent price action into perspective, February was $BTC’s best month since December 2020. In dollar terms, last month was Bitcoin’s largest gain ever. The ultimate crypto for beginners has been moving upwards like an altcoin. This move has opened up the runway for small caps to make ferocious rallies, and they are the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the wake of this incredible monthly performance. 


Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Rallies to $4 Million 


Galaxy Fox is rallying towards a total of $4 million raised and will breeze through this milestone like all those that have preceded it. $GFOX is taking no prisoners in its presale, and each stage has progressively sold out faster and faster. Going to market as conditions reach fever pitch and risk-on behavior gets rewarded is a recipe for 100X gains, and this memecoin could change the game forever.

Instead of relying on just the typical memecoin build, Galaxy Fox has gone the extra mile, integrating a play-to-earn game and an entire ecosystem. The P2E Web3 runner lets players earn real prizes, and the prize pool is distributed at the end of each season. Real skills equate to real cash in this ecosystem. As well as providing entertainment, an earning ability, and locating $GFOX in the GameFi narrative, this runner game provides the perfect onboarding funnel for this ecosystem.

Staking rewards mean holders are earning, and combined with the token burn $GFOX stakers are one of the few groups that will earn a native yield on a fully deflationary asset. Even the protocol’s Treasury is optimized for growth, supporting marketing efforts and community initiatives. A well-funded marketing arm in the heart of a bull market is worth its weight in gold.

Everything strives to grow aggressively, and Galaxy Fox’s value proposition and success in building early momentum dictate that it is the top crypto to invest in this quarter. 



Closing Thoughts: $BTC & Memecoins


Bitcoin, the store of value and ideal crypto for beginners, and Galaxy Fox, the up-and-coming hybrid model set to 100X. Together, they form a perfect portfolio. Investors need to move fast, and although $BTC will go to $100,000 this cycle, that is less than a 2X from its current price. On the other hand, $GFOX offers 100X upside.

Participating in presales is a fast lane to massive returns, and anybody who missed the bear market lows has another chance to get in at an excellent cost basis. $GFOX remains criminally undervalued, and buying today will be a genius move in six months. Join this exciting journey today! 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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